Can’t wait ! He’s not done one measure correctly or with CLARITY will Medical emergency hypo caff aemia mug  This be any different I wonder .. People dont believe in this any more. To many one rule for us one ruel for the rich.. Clearly a way to get poor or middle class people even worse financially, they will eventually start borrowing money from banks or other lenders…. Strap in folks, pubs to shut after eleventy three next Tuesterday but only in the Shire. Stay in but dont stay in. Wear three masks in case two fall off, Stay on the road and most importantly, Hands, face, waste of space. I’ve saved you all the bother… . If we can get covid out of the way by the end of next year the long term effects of lockdown will be felt for the next ten to fifteen years and probably do more damage and claim more lives than covid ever did…

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Great idea but totally missing the whole point of working from home. Im all for it but just putting it out there.. Heck no! I love working from home. I don’t EVER want to go back to the office.. I guess before we know it, pubs will be packed with workers therefore, defeating the purpose of home working? . How about they require masks? It’s so shortsighted, people indoors contributes to the rising numbers. It’s inconvenient and I feel for these businesses but the sooner they implement mitigations the better things will be in the long run.. Zowadul Karim Khan Medical emergency hypo caff aemia mug Yes, this is a good arrangement. It is often not convenient to work from home. A kind of unemployed” feeling hurts.. Andrew Fennelly. I pay rent to sit in the pub-it’s called a pint . A lot of people have had enough of working from home but realise they have little choice, if you’re going into a public place to work, then you’re surely safer in the office, also what about data security??

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Syed Adeel Rizvi
On behalf of the NHS, seeing Saturday night videos is a great motivational mood for a Monday Morning!
And as someone who really really misses musical events, please be aware of how detrimental our actions can be to the already crippling hospitality an… . If we have to be muzzled and socialy distanced ” , it cant be safe .
Let’s all follow the government’s latest advice and stay home unless necessary .. The BBC already know what’s coming, they’re baiting us. Modern propaganda. Boris is doing this for his popularity only. If it was based on science he’d show us the science. We can believe nothing he says. Our PM is a proven liar. Look at how the number… See More. So we are going back to the beginning Lockdowns dont work – we are proving it ourselves in that it all starts up again I suppose the only school of scince Hancock is listening to is Whittys Even WHO dont advocate them Insanity is doing the same thing o… See More
WHO Official Warns Against Lockdowns ‘As The Primary Means Of Control’ For Coronavirus
WHO Official Warns Against Lockdowns ‘As The Primary Means Of Control’ For Coronavirus

Small homes can feel like small cells. Remember not everyone has an adequate living space in uk. To say the least – and without rising to your bait.. Before Corona I quite often used cafes and bars to work between classes. Free wifi is very widespread in Munich, so finding a quiet spot to write a few emails or do some preparation wasnt a problem.. What a good idea to keep the business running in a different way – new ideas and concepts come with with new situations! . I used to rent pub desks too before all this happened. I usually paid my rent buy buying a beer every half hour.. Betty Davies. Somebody taking up a table in a pub drinking a tea,i’m sure pubs all over the country are clamouring to promote this.. I’ve been doing that in a place called Zappatos in Northampton. Found a little place on the top floor in the corner on a small table so I won’t take any trade away because hardly anyone goes upstairs and far enough away from people to keep a distance w…

This is only short term, if theyd been left to their own devices, there’d have been even more outrage!! . Ffs, selfish ungrateful students. Look back 80 years and see how your grandparents survived wartime.for YEARS!!!!! You are going to grow up into such whimps…… Like another suggested the students can easily club together and get an online shop for fresh products. We were a shielding family over summer and our vulnerable family received a weekly food parcel. It was a godsend as we couldn’t get a delivery slot … . Stephen Ashmore. So much unkindness I see these kids as an experiment sadly and it’s gone terribly wrong for the government- they could have stayed at home. The huge fees and rents they pay I’d be bloody furious too, those commenting snowflakes etc are clearly bitter a… See More. Scarlett Clegg
Oh the poor little dears . Simon Neil Scott
For those making light of this; consider the idea that these may be the same Youth who had to endure the stress of exams only a few months ago.

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