First time I saw you was in Saint John newbrunswick Canada . But you will never replaced as my favorite wrestler. I would love to have a chance to meet you Mark and other WWE superstars. Not to fight any though . One of the reason I liked biker persona is that we could hear him talk a lot. With Deadman, not much talking.. One of my favorite wrestlers and the most awesome the dead man. Leonardo DiCaprio drinking christmas sweater and jumper. I want to team up with you undertaker thank for all the years performance you are the greats of all times !. I would love to meet the Undertaker even if it was just online it would be so amazing he was one of my favorite wrestlers I hope he gets rest in peace and his records never be broken you’re a legend Undertaker always. The best in the business ..the Undertaker Rest In Piace ..i am one of your fans ..you and the Ultimate Warrior are my favorite…the fight was Awesome …

Leonardo DiCaprio drinking christmas sweater and jumper

Leonardo DiCaprio drinking christmas sweater and jumper size L

I have watched you from the beginning an all the personas, From Paul Berrier to your brother Kane so i hate to see you leave but i understand have a Great life. Wow this is my first time to see this man in videos he is my best in the world.am even surprised he looks good and handsome than i used to see him i the wrestling. Leonardo DiCaprio drinking christmas sweater and jumper Man just getting the chance to come out of them curtains to the pop of the crowd with my own theme music would make me go all ultimate warrior. It’s so cool to see him outta character and live his best life. I am 26 yrs old and been watching wrestling since i can remember. Thank you so much for the wild memories and year’s of happiness Undertaker my grandpa got me watching you and wwe since th… See More. Haha this is the coolest thing ever… If it was me I’d probably pass out with excitement… I wanna watch more of these videos

Leonardo DiCaprio drinking christmas sweater and jumper

Leonardo DiCaprio drinking christmas sweater and jumper size M

Actually put some in for this earlier, I’ve little hope of my 100 tickets being chosen, but I couldn’t put into words just how awesome it’d be. The Taker character is a big reason for the creativity I have today. Sure kids n school never understood, bu… See More. He’s One Of a Kind
I can say the least. I’m so thankful that you get to see how important you are to so many people while you are still alive. I feel like so many of you guys never get to see us show you how much you meant.. I’m going to make sure I donate I don’t won’t know problems with the Deadman . Master of pain mean Mark callous how do you undertake her I seen you back in those days when he was a tough wrestler and he was awesome and he still is I wish I could team up with him

Leonardo DiCaprio drinking christmas sweater and jumper size S

What I won’t give to be in the same room with this Man and watch him perform live . I love seeing this side of undertaker. He has been taking souls and living in shadows for 33yrs. Good to see him having a good time.. My daughter is a super fan! She would love to win! What a great cause to support!. Undertaker your the best I’m 42 and I seen you wit my grandpa he passed but he loved you man. I’ve dressed like you, I’m a dead man walking the longest green mile ever, I dress up like the crow branden lee with makeup and all I love my Australian cowboy hat and it’s black,. All the people in that video was some lucky people I’d give anything to be able to talk to him or have the chance to meet him. I just like toteam up for a good bike cruise.. Riding West as the Sun sets

Thank you Under Taker
Rest in peace. I am forever thankful to have seen you many years ago in Sacramento. Last night final farewell brought me to tears. Rest in Peace Undertaker. Good luck in your future sir. You deserve it.. You have been absolutely amazing.. Your my favourite of all time.. Everytime I heard that music the hairs on my arms and back of my neck stood up and my heart pounded.. Your amazing thank you so so much for 30years of The undertaker.. RIP big man.. Tha… See More. You were a part of my love of wrestling and you will always, always be The Phenom to me. Thank you for so many years of hard work and sacrifice to entertain us. You will truly be missed and there will never be another like you. You have earned all our … See More. I hope you realise how loved you are. It won’t be the same not hearing your intro music. I’ll admit you scared me as a kid watching with mom whom by the way at 85 years old still loves and watches wrestling. You are one of her favorites. Enjoy your ret… See More

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