Undertake is my dude from North Carolina ,an I am Crazy phil from North carolina we do not give up.. Thrilled to the core. Undertaker you are the best of the best 19-0 is phenomenon.. WOW awesome wrestling match. This match should be the end of the streak not Brock Lesnar’s match… This is the last level of dedication where streak is more important than the life. Finnish hannunvaakuna mug. Phenom forever, the final farewell I will never miss any match, death man. Best match in 2011. The best wrestler in the world and a great Undertaker . Will always be my favorite wrestler ever . My favourite match.. JR gives a more meaning to the match!!. Best performance from HHH… Don’t mess with mountain men from north carolina.. HHH wants to help undertaker. He is still a man. Great match undertaker true legend. What a match…!!! the undertaker. no matches like this anymore.

Finnish hannunvaakuna mug

Finnish hannunvaakuna mug back

Too bad Shawn Michaels, The Miz, and Shane McMahon survived…. AND THEY ALL….REST….IN…..PEACE. . Thank you undertaker Ur are the best. “BY GAWD, HE JUST BROKE SHANE MCMAHON INTO A HUNDRED PIECES!!!”. Is that why my dad fall. Number 1 is legendary – Best Match Ever in the Wrestling Buisness. Finnish hannunvaakuna mug. Best there was. Best there ever will be.. TAKER eres el mejor de la historia de #WWE .Happy 30th Anniversary Taker.  Undertaker is very good peosen. I wonder who gonna replace you when you are retired from wrestling.my question is will there anyone to fill that space.. stone cold and mankind were the greatest undertaker rivalry of all time. This is aThis is the best fist in history. Remembering date. I 4got about that Shane one. The Undertaker the greatest legend that WWE ever had.

Finnish hannunvaakuna mug

Finnish hannunvaakuna mug front

It is the greatest athlete in the date of the sports path that has generated generations since its elderly but all the generations were agreed on the love of the dead man. The undertaker is simply the greatest wrestler and legend in wwe history the goad of wrestlemania the greatest of all time i love you the undertaker forever . He is among my favorites.time for him to get his hall of fame place with all the other greats.. Undertaker is one of my all time favorites. Debut was November 22, 1990 and he will be retiring November 22, 2020 30 years to the day thank you for so many years give one last fight at Survivor Series Deadman. I’m Always remember The Undertaker and I respect to the Undertaker Rise in peace. I feel so sad for the new generation of wrestling fans… Knowing they will never be awe struck or have a superstar more captivating then the taker. Wrestling almost seems empty without him.

Undertaker is the best ànd strongest. My man taker. Wah undertaker my favorite since I was a kid I love undertaker soo much. Triple H really dealt with you. But at last Undertaker win. Great match ever.. THIS is the sort of match that would sell out a show in minutes. The type of match where the rest of the world fell off and you wouldn’t DARE change the channel. It just isn’t like this anymore.. I loved this match
wwe doesn’t entertain like this anymore . Match was very good, there were parts where triple H couldn’t sell it right (the moment before falling to hells gate). Always hated that commentary would forget the classic they had at WM17. What a freaking match! Hells Gate Hells Gate!. I was like 8 watching this or younger I was a huge wwe fan back then still got 2 of the championship belts

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