However, when the old giant supernova explosion shot radiation back to Earth, our entire atmosphere was ionized. The muon that fell to the surface like a summer shower, most likely caused widespread mutations and cancer. Giant marine animals are affected more heavily than other species.
“Normally, just a few meters below sea level, water can block radiation but not muons,” Professor Melott said. “Organisms that have never been exposed to radiation are now tolerant of a large number of particles that are shot into the body. They do not inherently have the same radiation resistance as terrestrial animals, which continue to do so.” exposure to the sun “.
There is one more factor: the reversal of the Earth’s magnetic polarity, which also occurred 2.6 million years ago, also caused giant marine organisms to be more affected by muons.
“Normally, cosmic rays with low energies will be swept away by the magnetic field, causing us more to the two poles. But when the magnetic field axis is reversed, all points on Earth will be affected”, Professor Melott explained.

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