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Rick walk away i have anger issues and a serious dislike for stupid people In the context of math, the wide range of technology offered by the SMART Board enhances teaching while the teacher still manages the learning environment (Kent, 2006). Should parents be encouraged to teach their children some Math is one of the fundamental subjects taught in elementary school and is a necessity for overall academic survival.  Rick namastay 6 feet away Young learners’ future understanding of mathematics requires an early foundation based on a high quality, challenging, and accessible mathematics education (NCTM, 2013). An engaging and encouraging learning environment helps children develop confidence in their ability to understand and use mathematics. However, math proves to be a difficult subject for many students. In a world filled with technology, it has become increasingly important to incorporate technology based-teaching in the classroom. As new technologies enter the classroom the question is raised as to how these technologies can be used to build math skills The adaptability of the SMART Board also allows for teachers to easily differentiate lessons. Students have fun and often don’t even realize they are learning while they combine their cognitive and physical abilities to interact with the SMART Board technology (Riska, 2010).

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Rick namastay 6 feet away cloth face mask

Rick namastay 6 feet away cloth face mask

Through the use of SMART Boards to create lessons for which the students can interact, teachers promote higher order thinking and create or negotiate understanding of subject matter (Kent, 2006). SMART Boards provide teachers with a learning tool that opens the door to teacher-led discussions that “probe student understanding on mathematical concepts without being limited by the student’s arithmetic abilities” Rick namastay 6 feet away (Kent, p. 3, 2006). Using the SMART Board teachers are able to facilitate learning through generating and exploring multiple representations of mathematical ideas (Juersivich, Garofalo & Fraser). Rick walk away i have anger issues and a serious dislike for stupid people Students note that with the use of the SMART Board math is more interesting and concepts that were difficult to understand became clearer with the help of 3-D imagery and virtual math manipulatives (Savoie, 2008). Discussion The key to the success of SMART Boards and their integration in Currently I’m doing field work at School A, observing a seventh grade inclusive mathematics class.

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Rick namastay 6 feet away cloth face mask

Teacher A is the general education teacher and Teacher B is the special education teacher. Teacher A has experience working in an inclusive co-teaching classroom for at least fifteen years. As a reminder, there are thirty-two students in the classroom with twelve students having IEP’s.  Rick namastay 6 feet away Students with learning disabilities make up the majority of students while some have a speech and language disability and only two students have health impairment. The only times I’ve seen students leave the classroom was when they needed extra time to finish their tests from the night before. Also these students leaving the classroom. Rick walk away i have anger issues and a serious dislike for stupid people To fully expand on her views, a lot of the students learn differently in which there is no universal approach to help them understand the material. Based on Teacher A’s views, one benefit of inclusion involves how students do not know which ones are receiving general education or special education.

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