Tech Support Check List Shirt, hoodie, tank top

Tech Support Check List Shirt, hoodie, tank top

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Tech Support Check List Shirt, hoodie, tank top

MS. DORSEY: I think the most important thing that I learned was how to be effective and efficient and to be mindful of my budget and mostly also to be mindful of my consumers, my community. Through my training, I learned really the focus needed to be on my community that I wanted to serve, and through District of Clothing, which started off because my prime client had went on a spending freeze, I knew very quickly that I needed to do something that would allow me to support myself during the rough months.

The focus has really just been on our community and the folks that we wanted to serve, the apparel that would help them continue to do the things that they were doing already every day.

MS. GIVHAN: You’ve talked a little bit about what it was like to see some of the pieces from your selection being worn by protesters as the marched for racial justice, to see some of your pieces being worn as people have raised their voices for voting rights, all these very, sort of big political, social issues. Do you find that your clothing is inextricably linked to sort of politics and social change?

MS. DORSEY: Yes, I’d say so. You know, even when I was being introduced here and I saw that video, it gives me pause. It really has me quite emotional when I see it and when I think about it to know that people are not just spending their hard-earned money on District of Clothing items, but they’re also choosing to bring them along with them during moments of progression, moments of change, and during times when they want their voices to be heard. It’s an absolute honor. It reminds me that I’m doing the right thing at this time and helps me to continue moving forward.

We really just wanted to, like I said, inspire action, encourage progression, and support self-love. So, I think in serving our community and creating these items that do that, we are 100 percent connected to the changemakers making change. I think it’s very much the linchpin to District of Clothing, our existence.


Tech Support Check List Shirt, hoodie, tank top
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