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And anyway, I just go back to it’s our values. If you don’t act on your values, they’re not your values, and so we can’t ask anyone to trust us. And it starts with us, our company, because our own team, if they don’t trust us, then no one else will either, unless we actually act on our values.

That doesn’t mean that we have to be out there on the front line of every political issue at all, but when it really is near and dear to us like in the way–you know, like in community and fairness and equality, then, yes, we do need to stand up and put ourselves out there because otherwise I don’t think our customers, our team will continue to trust us that we care.

MS. GIVHAN: Increasingly, it does seem that consumers, particularly younger consumers, really do want to put their money where they feel their values are being supported. Do you get that feedback from your customers? And I’m wondering if you’ve ever gotten negative feedback.

MS. BRITTON BAUER: We almost always get positive feedback about all of this. I mean, of course, sometimes when you have an opinion about something that you make known, other people who don’t share that opinion are going to make it–or if you, you know–these are all nuanced, and so every once in a while, you have a conversation with somebody. But for the most part, it is extraordinarily positive, and that’s–yes, people are looking for companies where–you know, our biggest power maybe is where we spend our dollars in our country. People are looking for where exactly how they can use their dollars to do the most good.

But we didn’t start this. This didn’t start just now. This has been building for many decades. I mean, when you look at companies like Patagonia and also Ben & Jerry’s and so many of the other companies, this is something that has been building for decades, and that is, in many ways, engrained in American entrepreneurship and American business. And I think that maybe the pendulum kind of went to one side, but we need to get it back, and some of us are willing to go even a little further in terms of just really living to our values and making them very known and being accountable to those.



Coding Debugging Chair Shirt, hoodie, tank top
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