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Size Matters Bullet Firearm Shirt, hoodie

COMMENT #370 [Permalink]… Jeff said on 5/18/2006 @ 9:40 am PT…

Study up on your Chomsky? LOL!!

That “man” is a COMMUNIST, propagandist fool and he hates America.

He’d be the only one spared by the terrorists as they could use him very nicely to pacify the sheeple as they line up to die.

COMMENT #371 [Permalink]… EA said on 5/18/2006 @ 9:45 am PT…

Hidden Hand: Very true, what is your opinion of the enlightenment, do you feel it is growing, or see good indicators of ‘solid’ growth.

I do see some, but I think we are to far into the ‘endgame’ to really alter the main plan very much, but I was thinking that maybe as a Human collective we have to go through what we are fixing to, for over the last past 10 thousand years or so, history really has just repeated itself, and maybe in oder for Humans to ‘really’ learn wisdom, we need to have an ‘event’ that will deeply ingrain this wisom into ourselfs through exsperiance(the great teacher), and this might include being inslaved as a collective for some time. I dont know what is going to happen, and then there is the ‘metaphysical’ side of everything, and it must be considerd as well, hell, as a true truth seeker I must abey the law of such, this simply being that until there is a difinitive, ultimate truth, then everything is ‘hypothecticly’ true, until it is proven false.

COMMENT #372 [Permalink]… Robert Lockwood Mills said on 5/18/2006 @ 10:15 am PT…

Jeff, what evidence do you have for the allegation that Noam Chomsky is a Communist? Is he a member of the Communist party (that no longer exists)? Has he endorsed a violent overthrow of the U.S. Government? Or is your accusation just a latter-day McCarthyite tactic?

Do you have a list in your hand of heretofore unidentified Communists, as McCarthy did? And even if Chomsky were to identify himself as a Communist, so what? How does that threaten you or me?

I can’t imagine what could constitute greater evidence of hating America than what George W. Bush has created in a little over five years. He has engendered more hatred of America throughout the world than all the presidents before him, combined. On his worst day Noam Chomsky couldn’t hate the United States more than does the man on the street in Paris, Berlin, Beijing, Caracas, Tokyo, New Delhi, Cairo, Athens, Buenos Aires, Managua, Auckland, Stockholm, and Rome.


Size Matters Bullet Firearm Shirt, hoodie
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