Unapologetically Dope Nurse Black Girl Shirt, hoodie, tank top

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Unapologetically Dope Nurse Black Girl Shirt, hoodie, tank top

We’re dealing with a pathology here: the rightist movement is grounded in psychological projection; they impute to others what they themselves are most guilty of, and unconsciously are most fearful of.

So ignore the “Jeffs;” if they’re spooks, it pisses em off, and if they’re a run of the mill ass kisser, it’ll make em feel empowered, and they’ll start bragging about since no one is responding to them, no one must be capable of refuting their claims …Which countless people on this blog have already done numerous times over. Kudos everyone! Unapologetically Dope Nurse Black Girl Shirt, hoodie, tank top

FBI holding 84 tapes of the Pentagon hit:http://www.Infowars.Com/…Withholding_84_tapes.Htm

COMMENT #363 [Permalink]… EA said on 5/18/2006 @ 9:01 am PT…

Speaking of love Jeff, what do you think, that is about what is going on in the world today? Do you think everything is normal, and like it appears, or have you not noticed history, and how things in the past were always not as they appeard? What do you feel like are some solutions to the many problems of our planet, everything aside, this planet by the hand of man is dying, the water is drying up, holes in the ozone, weather modification, depleation of natural resources when we have had the technology for about 50 years to harness energy from the active vacume, massive die offs of species, deforestation, Earth changes, manipulation of the Iionispheare, magnitism, electromagnitism, the fluctuations of the sun, comets, mutating dieseases, world hungry, world poverty, etc.

Yes there are so many problems, and what we should really do is come together as a RACE OF HUMAN, to try to save ourselfs before we become exstinct. But instead you have greedy people in power who could fix most of these problems in about 5 years; if they arent the ones that created them to begin with, but instead of fixing them they send there mindless drones out into the public to distract people, and lead people away from solutions, in fact who really care about 9/11 anyway, its just a very, very, very, small drop in the bucket. But tell me friend, what are some of YOUR ideas, some of your asperations for this Earth, as you being a member of it? What are some of your goals for government, I would like to hear.

COMMENT #364 [Permalink]… EA said on 5/18/2006 @ 9:07 am PT…

Yeah thanks HIdden Hand, I forget sometimes, or maybe its just my natural hope that in all humans, the truth of light can penitrate, just my personall hope, much often though it only brings dissipointment.


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