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Personalized I love you more The end I win Irish mug

“But for your own sake, don’t ask the former Prime Minister, and ex-CIA asset, Allawi what he thinks about our “progress.” Not-a-gonna-likee the answer”–Because of course the guy who lost his job out there is the premiere source of information on the subject. Just don’t read the Washington Post headlines about Sen. Lieberman’s statements about Iraq.

What your reports don’t mention is that there were more labs found than the 11 containers they noted. Which isn’t bias on their part, actually, since others were found after they made the report.(And I guess a couple tons of enriched uranium doesn’t count as WMD either, huh?) But I’m sure he was just trying to find a better way to ferment cheese, and hiding it from the UN so the French didn’t require a few more bribes to not steal it.

“Neocons ain’t going to be loving this very much but it’s diplomacy time. We need to hammer out an understanding with Iran that’s mutually beneficial or Iraq’s screwed.”–We can either finish killing the terrorists, or we can go kiss the ayatollah’s butt and pretend that he’d honor any bargain he made. Screw that noise.

” And nobody with a still functioning brainstem, much less both lobes in full bloom, thinks Iran will launch a serious attack on a nuclear power.”–See “9-11 Attacks”See “American Embassies, Africa”See “USS Cole”See “Marine Barracks, Beirut”See “Six-Day War”

” I sure as hell wouldn’t be trying to cut VA benefits, oh, I’m sorry – limit the rate of spending artificially.”–Ahh, the beauties of baseline budgeting, where a smaller increase than you wanted is called a “cut”

Nate:”When you are in a cult you miss a lot. Like reality. They didn’t go to Baghdad because they were smart enough to see what we are now going through now would happen.”–Sounds to me like you don’t miss it a bit.

“Even you folks in the cult of conservatism have to see that he totally BOTCHED the handling of this war and then showed he didn’t have enough of a grasp of the situation or the confidence in himself to shit-can the bozos who planned it.”–Because taking over a nation quickern’ the French can surrender and then holding it against terrorist attacks is the perfect sign of a botched war.

Big K–“Honestly, I wish the administration had at least pointed them out more before the onset of hostilities.”–They did. Unfortunately, the “conservative corporate media” (that phrase is always good for a laugh) apparently forgot to reinforce that talking point for him. In fact, it’s as if they buried it.

” 17 resolutions, and the UN was powerless to do any more than scoff at him.”–That’s because a sizable percentage of the UN was on the take.



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