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Trump DeSantis 2024 Mug

Work on recognizing spin for spin and sorting out that mote in your own eye. It�s not easy, it requires humility and research, but it can be done. Alright, so maybe I�m not strong in the humility department myself but isn�t admitting I need work there a start?

�”And the last is from a cite called “Oh, That Liberal Media.” Yeah. Okay. Speaks for itself.”Because nobody can point the obvious unless they adopt that ridiculous “corporate media” pulp. �

Is there a translator in the house?

�” The problem seems to be that he’s citing sources this guy doesn’t like”–Mostly because they’re not the ones relevant to the problem at hand. Kind of like the New York Times “man on the street” polls that somehow always end up asking someone slightly to the left of Che Guevera.��

How is the State Department�s response not relevant? He wasn�t belittling them for getting the story wrong, initially, but rather pointing out the facts the administration was now owning up to. That isn�t newsworthy how again? Are you saying State just makes crap up without consulting The Pentagon when they�re dealing with delicate public diplomacy that directly results from and impacts The Pentagon�s efforts in Iraq?

�I take everything I read or see with a grain of salt,”–Unless it’s from the Washington Post, apparently.�

This from the guy who thinks AIM is a fair arbiter of news criticism.

�And Reagan “sought” to build up a super-duper system of satellite laser guns to blow up ICBMs.”–And now we have one, that’s worked in 5 out of 6 tests. Mayhap we could stick to the subject at hand?�

It�s an illustration there, Virginia. I know you can handle that concept. I hope neocons don�t take as long to fix Iraq as they did to fix Star Wars. Assuming your claim is accurate. Wonder what I�d find if you�d post small enough responses for me to actually research what you�re saying. I�m on to you. Tonnage and fatigue. And it�ll work eventually. Posting here is by far the least interesting thing I�m doing today.



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