I loved you your whole life i’ll miss you the rest of mine Cardinalis shirt, hoodie

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I loved you your whole life i’ll miss you the rest of mine Cardinalis shirt, hoodie

Lydia… Totally respect your views, your arguments come from the heart and have a genuine humor to them. Sorry to hear about the turmoil you must be going through, but there are many people like me who respect what you’re doing. God bless

COMMENT #157 [Permalink]… Fwg said on 12/3/2005 @ 9:50 am PT…

Quoting P.J. O’Rourke, “you liberals are always getting your toes caught in your sandals and hitting your heads on your wind chimes.” And, “how can you condone killing an unborn baby but not a convicted murderer?”

COMMENT #158 [Permalink]… Ian Speed said on 12/3/2005 @ 9:56 am PT…

Always remember: A communist is a liberal who doesn’t lie, a fascist is a liberal with balls. I would love to hear all your enlightened opinions on things like abortion, gun controll, and ACTUAL muzzling of free speech by various statists in the Democratic party, but Jesus told me to ignore tyranny and love peace. Isn’t that what he said? That we should sacrifice liberty and true faith for peace? If not, then your obviously confused, and I cant believe that. After all, cool people hate Ann Coulter…… And your the coolest bunch I’ve ever seen.

COMMENT #159 [Permalink]… Frostys91 said on 12/3/2005 @ 10:00 am PT…

If Coulter’s speech was intended as satire, I wonder if the audience was laughing (which would mean they were amused); or were they cheering and applauding (which would mean they were heartily endorsing her ideas). When I listen to Al Franken, I laugh.

COMMENT #160 [Permalink]… Frostys91 said on 12/3/2005 @ 11:02 am PT…

Lydia: I’ve never heard Ann Coulter described as a “comedienne/satirist” before. Everyone always refers to her as a “comentator”. I think this is a legitimate point of confusion. For example, Al Franken and Mark Shields and folks like them are called “comedians” or “political satirists”. If Anne is truly using satire, she should be called a “political satirist” or even a “partisan satirist”. The term “commentator” implies serious research and deeply thought out positions on issues that are relevant to or world today. I think this is why everyone is so confused. The majority of her supporters on this page seem to take her quite seriously, yet some defend her as using satire to make points. If everyone understood her as using satire, it wouldn’t be such a serious problem, but if you believe her to be a commentator, then her ideas are very hateful. Maybe she’s confused herself about what she is.

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