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I loved you your whole life i’ll miss you the rest of mine Cardinalis shirt, hoodie

COMMENT #161 [Permalink]… Merifour said on 12/3/2005 @ 11:34 am PT…

#150 Thank you Lydia for responding. I, too, am a student of Metaphysics, for 30 years. I do not call myself a Christian because the basic idea of Christianity has been corrupted. The message given by Jesus has been perverted and twisted by those wishing to retain power for all time. I believe the message Jesus was trying to convey was simply to love one another. So simple. This is the same message given by other sages throughout history. How did we come to this place. Christians verses Christians on the meaning of that statement or that statement, the same argument has been going on forever. Seems every Christian church has a different take on what the bible says.

The Kingdom of Heaven is within. We are spiritual beings trying to act human, not the other way around. When one transcends and begins to ask the bigger questions, then one begans to get the answers. Ask and you shall receive, Seek and you shall find, Knock and the door will open. I call it the ASK principal. Many do not question, they follow the ‘leader’ so to speak. They do not do any personal searching.

I believe in Spiritual Evolution. The goal is to reunite with God. Some are further ahead than others, they are the Wayshowers. The Truthseekers. When one begins to grasp the ‘higher’ concepts of the Spiritual Reality, they transcend the ‘gold’ level and begin the climb. The first level is to gain Knowledge, then Understanding, and finally Wisdom.

The majority of people seem to be stuck on the ‘gold-matter’ level. To me, it is impossible to communicate with these types, as I am coming from a place further along. I see a larger picture and find I have little patience for the endless arguments. A spiritual journey is a two step forward, one step back. I find myself getting caught up in the ‘play’ and then must remind myself that this is really all an illusion. We are all actors, creating this reality.

I have often read or heard that should it be known the this planet is not the only one in the Universe, that the ramifications would be catastrophic. I did not believe that Americans would be so primitive as to not accept that concept. This thread has certainly enlightened me. M4

COMMENT #162 [Permalink]… The Redneck said on 12/3/2005 @ 12:06 pm PT…

Well, option a) isn’t always necessarily a bad thing….

COMMENT #163 [Permalink]… The Redneck said on 12/3/2005 @ 2:20 pm PT…

Actually, I have read Ann Coulter’s work. All of it. Several times. And she does not advocate the killing of all muslims. The direct quote–it’s rather famous–was “We should invade their countries, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity.” “Their leaders” are somewhat difficult to kill without invading the country, and these “leaders” are people like the Taliban, Houssein, the Ayatollah…. Yes, ma’am, all people have worth in the Lord’s eyes, but when it’s foaming at the mouth you got to put it down. And as Ann Coulter responded to Katie Couric, “As for converting them to Christianity, I think it might be a good idea to get them on some sort of hobby other than slaughtering infidels. I mean, perhaps that’s the Peace Corps, perhaps it’s working for planned Parenthood, but I’ve never seen the transforming effect of anything like Christianity.”(This was reported in the Hollywood Reporter as “Do you still believe that’s the best way to fight terrorism?” Couric demanded. That quote was taken out of context, Coulter insisted”)And with the “examples” you’ve given in mind, I have to ask–have you read Ann Coulter’s work? I get the distinct impression that knowing what she actually said would make a large difference.

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