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That being said, I don’t know Kentucky law, but I believe that with such a public case, they worked within the parameters of existing laws. But justice was not served. Breonna Taylor’s life mattered and we must work diligently to make sure that a case like this never has this outcome again. The system is set up for this precise outcome. We must change the system.
  • Its so easy to put the police down no matter what they do they are wrong. They are dealing with a lot of crap in the world we live in. Their job is far from easy if you don’t like how they do their job then go become a cop. They have been dealing with these thugs, Protestors , looters ECT.
  • Its how you live your life . What happen to her was sad but it was her boyfriend who allowed it to happen enough be glad we have policeman still out there, They deal with so much on a daily basis , and see so much. Its not about donuts and hamburger. So easy to judge when you have no clue what they deal with
  • I read she was not a nurse or Emt She was fired in 2017. She was throwing dope with her last boyfriend and this one. How come she was shot six times and dude didn’t get hit? Was he behind her?
Don’t blame the police blame her boyfriend for shooting at the police and having to be there on warrants for drugs, selling drugs and other warrants. Wrong they did knock and there is a witness who heard them announce themselves, who lived upstairs from her. When they entered after not being kept in the bf shot at them . Bf’s fault.
murder lol self defense kenny walker fired the first shot .. When will you people wake up an smell the coffee it’s not about race , it’s all about the company you keep … if she wasn’t dealing in drugs this never would have happened, she would never have lost her job as an EMT
tell me if you have a gun and someone shot at you would you not shoot back or would you just raise your hands and say let’s talk about it. Your showing your ignorance. If you would have done some research you should know the cops did nothing wrong. All you people are is black. No matter how wrong you people are all you know is white man wrong black people innocent. STUPID!

Prince If you didn’t come to party don’t bother knocking on my door doormat

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