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Ex: CA= as they increase taxes, fees, costs of everything, claiming they “CARE” about the poor, as the poor become HOMELESS and make their streets FILTHY, burn millions of acres, homes, people DIE (because they won’t accept the facts that WORK for other states/countries), yet Pelosi is so right.
  • she has 3 homes and lives, sheltered from her filthy streets/homeless, violence; behind her walls and private security? She’s been in office for decades, what has she done? I should qualify: what has she done that is good for the state? We could be like CA = elect Biden/Harris.
  • Glenda Olvera we are all fu–ed either way if they manage to get in……and the only way they will do that is to cheat and steal it…which will come with a fight I’m pretty sure of it. Lol, just because there are more Trump supporters there than Biden supporters is no reason to get nasty Joe. Your time was over a long time ago. Go spend your millions you got from China while you can.
  • Joe,Joe,Joe…is that any way to treat Americans who just happen to disagree that you are not what this Country needs? Is that how you will unite America? Through name calling and anger? Once again Joe, you have just shown us how disingenuous you really are. You are just another politician that talks too much, makes empty promises, and lies about your true intentions. Trump 2020.

He yells his entire speech. He’s an angry man. He’s depressing. He’s a divider. He’s slurring his words. He’s not representative of the greatest country in the world. His speech is cringeworthy. This suburban woman is totally not impressed. I cant imagine someone with this attitude being allowed to deal with foreign countries. It is dangerous.

Trump has just now managed to calm the international situations and wars. It would be a tragedy if it all went down the tubes because of someone like Joe Biden! I find myself cringing when Joe is speaking/yelling! I just feel sorry for him.He is actually pathedic and I know he is being used. IF he would get elected they would oust him very quickly!

I enjoy listening To President Trump. He can be funny and he tries so hard. For a man his age he sure has energy and is so focused! couldn’t agree more. I can’t imagine what suburban woman would want this man to be our nation’s leader, especially one that considers her children’s future.

Wu tang christmas hoodie

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