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Pickled beets are wonderful, if they’re done right. I do not like them sweet with cloves, YUCK!! I like them on the tart side and use the brine to make pickled eggs. I add jalapeno juice, kosher and Polish pickle juice to the brine and put everything in a half gallon glass jar. You have to put the boiled eggs in hot, so they absorb the brine quickly. Mine are ready to eat after 24 hrs, but the longer they sit in it, the better they are.

  • A good scented candle works well also. If I didn’t have a candle, sometimes I would boil some cinnamon sticks & cloves in a small pan with a little water. I do like your cake idea though. I just discovered Krusteaz mixes in March when our sheltering in place began….The cornbread is terrific and I just baked another lemon square pan.
  • Love the lemon squares but I add a bit of lemon zest. Their seasonal pumpkin muffin mix is also very good. I would buy the industrial size bags of their pancake mix for Church Breakfast days! Always complements and never complaints!!
  • They say to bake a cinnamon cake when people are coming to potentially buy your house. We once looked at a house where liver and onions had been prepared, it was a real turn off.  We had several showings on our house. The day we finally got an offer was the day that I had baked cookies before the showing!
We love sauerkraut with our Thanksgiving and Christmas turkey dinners. It’s a Baltimore thing, Hon. Krusteaz makes the best cakes, cookies, muffins and cornbread. I usually add a chopped apple to the cinnamon swirl coffee cake.
I just love you and your creative spirit! You have been in charge of your circumstances, long before it was fashionable for women of our age bracket to be so! In this case, it meant a lovely scent of cinnamon


What The Fucculent shirt,tahnk top, hoodie

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