Trumpkin make halloween great again mug


Trumpkin make halloween great again mug

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Did it suffer from a fire recently? R there termites eating the foundation? If not it can wait, how r u justifying it and it doesn’t matter what side does it if they r putting any money in a Covid relief bill other then for the people of this country then they r disgusting and should be voted out. hes got alot of money. I could care less about his taxes. Thats his business. Only socialists care about his taxes. I care about his honesty. I care about him keeping his word from his detail during his campaign. I care about the people paying less for housing , fuel , food , etc. All have gotten better in my state. Alot better!! I care about employment and equal opportunity and we’ve had that. The stats prove it. Look at the medias stats. Thy can’t get right!! Look who owns em and their political affiliations. Look at what they report on and what they leave out. Look who funds these “civil rights ” movements and their political affiliations , and their faith systems if ya wanna go deeper. Its so obvious what’s happening here. Look who is involved in the child traffick ring for christ sake!! Do you have kids? im sure its not the first time taxpayer money went to fund something for the Whitehouse. I dont believe for one second that this will even happen. This is a political shot just like the ones the Republicans just took at nancy pelosi , by saying she allocated 20 billion to fund legal defenses for protestors and to use social security to fund it. Its politics and its all BS! I have children ,grandkids and great grandchildren. Look at Trumps track record. Probably I’ve been around alot longer than you have. We have someone in the White House who doesn’t have a clue what he’s even reading half the time. I’m also a God fearing woman and the curse word you used was uncalled for. You keep believing in Trump.

















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