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We are flying to Frankfurt on Thursday via British Airways. So far, no cancellations, waiting to see if the airline will cancel our inbound flights and packing hand sanitizer! My daughter and I are traveling from Denver to Seattle (2days) and then on to Oahu(6days) in 12 days. We are traveling 3 different airlines.

  • Southwest contacted us with a mass email about their uptick in sanitizing the planes but nothing from Hawaiian or United. We have no intention to change our plans but will be intentional with our hand washing, having sanitizing wipes with us and avoiding crowds. We are both healthy will not live in fear. Travel on!
  • Had Greek cruise booked for beginning of May with older friends. All cancelled as they’re older and were afraid if they got sick it could be the end…I cancelled cause I wasn’t going to go alone or worse be quarantined for weeks while my son at home had his grad. We all got credits that can be used up to March 2021. By then we’ll know if we’re still here…..
  • We used American frequent flyer points to book our flights to Paris in April. The American representative was great. We were able to change to dates to this fall with no change fees. Because we booked Rick Steves recommended hotels ourselves we were able to cancel without penalties.

We have a flight to Italy booked for May 30th. Aer Lingus will not waive any fees until they actually cancel the flight…instead we can pay over $800 total to change our two $1000 plane tickets to another date… no cancellation, no change of destination, only a change of travel date. We are holding out for either a change in the virus or a cancellation of our tickets…I will not give Aer Lingus another dollar, ever. Hopefully things get better by the end of May…otherwise we will likely be out $2000.

i decided to travel but the prices for plane tickets have tripled! what’s up with that..oil is at its cheapest..but i understand airlines cut their routes..point is..the airlines aren’t making it easy!

Was going to Vietnam through South Korea, to leave on 3/16. Asiana finally cancelled 1/4 legs of the trip and then told me to send an email for refund after 5 phone calls. I got an automated response so I’m still hoping the $ actually gets refunded. Same thing with my leg from Cambodia to Bangkok


Vote This darkness has got to give Grateful Dead shirt, tank top, hoodie

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