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The show doesn’t have that “party with relatives” feel, now that Tom is gone. I watched for a little while tonight and the chemistry is way off. It feels forced and tense. Tyra is not looking or sounding classy. Sounds like you may be missing dancing on the show yourself, Derek. We would all LOVE to have you come back and compete again!

  • Sorry I LOVE Disney night and I really did try to watch. Even after I said I would not because of Tom being fired…..but I can’t stand Tyra she ruins the show. I had to change the channel after two dances. She moved her mouth too much. You have lost a long time fan for good.
  • Disappointed in the show this year. Glad your a judge however Tyra is a disaster: drop her. No longer a pleasure to watch. So sad to see the direction the program has taken. Bye for now until and if the network has changed back to the way it was
  • Tyra needs to go she sucks at hosting the show the producers need to get Erin and Tom back ASAP. The ratings will be major low cause she’s ruining the show and she sucks besides. Get rid of Tyra NOW! Call Tom and Erin tell them to be there next week.

Just throwing it out there for fun only. One of my biggest dreams is to be on Dancing with the Stars and having you as my partner for the show. It might come true in my next life. On a serious note, I love watching Dancing with the Stars since it first aired until now!!

The ONLY reason I watched tonight was because it was Disney night. I tried watching the first episode and I just did not like Tyra as host. The way she talks just gets on my nerves. Sorry but I cannot watch when she’s hosting. Sad to say when I have watched from Season 1.

Thank god your on the show Derick but please please get rid of Tyra ! She is not right for this show in any way! Miss the way it was before when it was more simple and was about dancing!!! I hope this show can be saved. Tom was so wonderful as the host


They whispered to her you cannot withstand the storm she whispered back I am the storm poster

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