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Don’t worry. America’s Heartland is smarter than that. There was a car/truck parade yesterday in Wilmington OH in your honor Mr. President.

  • The parade went through a large perimeter of Clinton county for a 3 hour drive. Mostly small farm towns, with ppl standing in front of their homes waving Trump flags. We had almost 300 cars! It was quite a sight to see and such positive energy. You are definitely loved and appreciated for all your hard work.
  • And when Biden speaks of his plan the only difference he has is making us wear a mask all the time. I already have to wear one if I want to work. I refuse to have someone tell me what to do on my time. We know the truth , infection rate rising because we are testing more people , but the tell of our success shows in how the death rate is dropping like a stone.

There is the prof of what we are doing is working . This election isn’t about the COVID, although the media would like us to think so. This election is about our republic, and our freedoms under the constitution. Let them talk about it all they want. None of them could’ve done any better. Not a factor at all in my voting for you.

I support Trump for just one thing: he had made China reveal its authentic face to the world…and the pandemic is a proof of it. Period. And, personally, though I have never experienced the USA, I have experienced China however, as a tourist, as a student and also as a worker. And also got pneumonia there twice.

So, between Trump that directly goes against China, and Biden that thinks to have dialogues, compromises or “something like that” with China, I SINCERELY PREFER TRUMP!!! Turned on the tv and listened for a minute and felt like going back to bed and never leave the house – not ONE positive thing!

Talk to me goose shirt, hoodie, tank top

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