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I THINK THE QUESTION on all our minds is So wheres she been for the last 2years aye!!!! obviously not at sea but good on you for getting away from your abusive ex but I’m sure there are easier ways to do it, I did but mentioned one report said she floated in the ocean for two years,,,, oh, btw, the moon is made of chocolate ice cream

  • I realize that, thank you, I was getting the article from another source, which didn’t give the real details, alluding to the fact she’d been in the water for 24 hours, My Lord. That was one of the worst written articles I’ve read in a long time. I still don’t understand the “missing 2 yrs”. She left, stayed at a women’s shelter, was mistreated there so she borrowed money from someone, bought a bus ticket to the sea, & jumped. 8hrs later – she was found.
  • We must acknowledge that the American Indians were here in America first ….I tend to disagree with you on this topic .many I agree with you but we must acknowledge Christopher in reality he did not discover American he took it from the American Indians…We can acknowledge him as what he was what he did was wrong …We need to remove him as a hero ..

Thank you for fighting the culture wars for us. The people who are trying to cancel Christopher Columbus are ignorant of history and need to read books not written by the communist propagandist Howard Zinn.

Ahh. Mr. President you have my vote. But Columbus DIDNT discover America first and was an absolute monster. Out of all of the statues being removed, the one I do not have a problem with, is Columbus.

They want all of our history erase they want to start their own history and not one that were really gonna want it sound source the more they opened her mouth the worse it gets We must never celebrate the displacement of people from their original land especially when we have done nothing to resettle them with dignity.

America has spent trillions in the name of AID to Africa, Pacific and Caribbean while leaving millions of indigenous American people and other minority suffocating in US. Tragedy of hypocrisy at once.

Swimming The Ocean is calling and i must go poster

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