Don’t Dream It Be It Rocky Horror Vintage poster


Don't Dream It Be It Rocky Horror Vintage poster

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That’s fine but do it the right way, the legal way so there can be a place to preserve history with a narrative! You cannot erase history and it should never be erased! People tearing downs statues are acting barbaric! White’s are allowed to write history. Blacks are allowed to write history. Its been this way throughout history. The US is not the only country throughout history. Simply read history from a different author if you don’t like what is written. Build and sculped you’re statues and art. Stop ripping down other people’s work. No. It does something more important than that. It makes us think about history.

Who were these people cast in bronze? What did they do? Were their acts and their lives really that bad (or that good)? Statues are coming down in Mobile, New Orleans and Richmond — not to mention Bristol, England — because the truth is, a lot of people in those cities don’t want to see people who supported slavery honored with public monuments. To say this “erases history” is to miss the point. Removing the statutes reflects a sea change in who we, as a society, honor. In doing this, we are not turning away from history. We are turning away from those people on those pedestals — and what they represent — as models to be admired and fondly remembered. They are trying to erase their past because the DEMS are the ones who were FOR slavery now they are using the emotions of the black culture to rile them up against history. They actually need to understand history because it has a way of repeating itself.. As for statues are they eliminating the statues of Obama and Martin Luther King and other leaders like that.

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