Black lives matter in every dimension Rick and Morty shirt, tank top, hoodie


Black lives matter in every dimension Rick and Morty T-shirt

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However,, however,,, the British were the ones who elevated it to industrial levels. Something to bear in mind. The British elite had become excellent exploiters of ordinary, uneducated people; very good at using and abusing working people in this country. Children – barely out of nappies working in mills , down mines, up chimneys . . . This was a pattern of abuse of the weaker and more vulnerable which reached its zenith with the British exploitation of africans. Just because they abused each other as well does not excuse the colonists (we weren’t the only Europeans with blood on their hands by the way). That’s another story Julia and should not be forgotten. Ordinary Brits have no need to feel guilty about those historic abuses. We do have a responsibility now though to ensure there is a level playing field for all – whatever the colour, nationality, religion. We are all one race. so it’s right 5hen to have all these riots we’ve been having over the past 5weeks, but a fly by then we have to be educated, educated hence why that’s the past and this is the future hence why times are better for everyone, yes better.

It is much harder for working class people to break into the professions Julia. You look at who the politicians are, who the lawyers are, who the doctors are. Most of them have come from moneyed or privileged backgrounds. The elite like to tell us anyone can make it but it is not do easy. you’re so far from the truth, you don’t know me. You have made an assumption here, I certainly don’t hate my own race, I don’t hate people. I despise superiority, racism, bigotry, prejudism, snobbery, cruelty to people and animals, tyranny, despotism, torture, intimidation of others. I’m not brainwashed either. I simply believe that black people have been treated like second class citizens for generations and it has been a major contributory factor in the crime statistics. I don’t think that you could disagree with that.














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