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These guys are in Little Rock and are the distributors for Stellar Organic winery from the Cape. They have THE best pinotage! Also no added sulphates, so no hangover. I know about them because I reached out for them to ship to me in Central America. Unfortunately they can’t ship to me, but you can buy from them.

  • I, for one, am tired of seeing fake smiles on all the kids that have had pics taken of them from the day they were born. I have put down my camera and look forward to real smiles from my little ones.
  • Yah Margaret! I still struggle with my inadequacy way more than I like to admit. It’s like it is on auto pilot in my mind and I can’t shut it off. So funny as do not like it one bit. Agreed on pictures. Taking less that are better seems easier in the long run when the guilt of photo books seeps in. Fortunately I am too busy with Amos and indulging my writing in any free time so they are off my docket.
  • I try desperately to snap photos of my kid. I’m not sure yet if he will ever be categorized as “special needs,” but he does have some special needs. One of them being my hands, always available and ready to catch him if he falls, which he does often. No third hand for a camera!

You always make me feel good about myself., because I forget cameras & lose phones on a regular basis! I do not know about your mom, but my mom only had a few photos a season. We beat ourselves up all the time about not measuring up! What do your children remember? Fun times and loving parents and God are all that is important!

I’d rather read your written words, but must admit that I love your pictures when you have time to post. Thank you for your daily inspirational stories.

Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse You And Me We Got This poster

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