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I agree you have a right to peacefully protest but nowhere in the Constitution of the USA does it say you all who are being ignorant have the right to burn loot kill nor mame innocent baby’s,and other people who does not agree with you!! We call you all suckups who don’t understand this whole movent do a bit more investigation before you point your fingers at others! Where is your outrage about the right-wing radicals using all the protests as a way to start a new civil war? They are murdering LEO and hoping BLM will be blamed. Of course, 45 and Barr are only too happy to blame them. Luckily, they are all TOO STUPID to get away with it. let me make one thing clear.my husband and myself spent twenty one God blasted years in the military defending you and all of America and I don’t care what color ,race or person you are I have respect for all but when you try and tear down the very country who has giving you rights that no other country has and then turn against your own I have a problem with that! The people who are causing problems in this country and do not like America need to leave and allow us as Americans to try and understand and rectafie our own problems.we do not need the people who don’t even understand what is happening to step forward and run their moths because they are only causing more problems instead of correcting them! Patricia Smith I guess u didn’t read the article. This came straight from the article “Let’s not forget that the police departments across America attacked peaceful protesters one time too many and even tried to run them over with their vehicles on multiple occasions. Amnesty International reported that there were 125 separate examples of police violence against protesters in 40 states and the District of Columbia between 26 May and 5 June 2020. It was the period during which the initial rounds of protests had broken out in the wake of a White Minnesota cop killing George Floyd, a Black man.”
In my hometown all the protesting have been peaceful except for one and those weren’t even the protestors there was a group of people who came from other towns who caused the problems. And that was the very 1st one.
Who are u referring to has “suckups”? Who am I suppose to be sucking up to? There is video that shows a car had pulled up before this happened & they opened the trunk & pulled out baseball bats. So yes this was planned.