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your ancestors… we are celebrating because the very issues that you complain about were used to receive justice. Stay on topic. The fact is, looting and rioting is acceptable when the Europeans did it. Now, it’s “a shame”, again, burning and looting is acceptable EXCEPT when we’re advocating for black and brown people! Also, who mentioned BLM…
  • I don’t support the organization, I support the ideology. The fact is black lives are marginalized and no one hears it until things start burning down…, You May not like that, but it doesn’t make it false.
  • I think the point at least to me is that historicallly especially in America our rights have been fought for, the women suffer age campaign had riots, as well as the gay rights movements. People could be upset but in a history it’s a method that’s resulted in change
  •  The Ballot had your name on it and Biden’s and the rest of the Senate electors if all those other people like Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell got voted in that’s OK they got voted in by the people but we the people voted you out Trump you have not one leg to stand on… Deal with it.
  • One thing for sure Trump’s legacy is changing the course of America. He actually exposed a lot of the things that needs to be changed. Courts system, DOJ, and Presidency. He exposed all of the loopholes that needs to be addressed so that they are not used again…EVER!
Except they aren’t baseless claims and everyone knows. Dead people voting. Boxes of ballots mysteriously showing up when needed. Poll watchers kept away from counting operations… It is documented but censored, Interesting how all of the tRump supporters have accepted the results of the Senate and House races ..that were on the same ballots.
There is plenty of evidence. Shame on you for not telling it as it really is. Whistleblowers have been coming forward with sworn affidavits for the past week. Votes are being investigated, recounts are happening and changing winners, and its just the beginning.
Aren’t you supposed to do some investigative reporting before you report anything? If you don’t, then its the same as spreading gossip and misleading people. For everyone’s viewing pleasure, heres just one of many of the brave Whistleblower on camera

Jack Skellington and Sally we are simply meant to be personalized tumbler

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