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Jessie Goines our first and foremost is to provide comfort, in the hopes of a pain Free death!! That is a big responsibility for us, would you want to die a slow painful death? Or would you rather be comfortable relief as your faiding away

  • the Be tried to make me stay in a nursing home. I’ve been a nurses aid no way I rather stay and die at home no nursing home f me, you have the option to stay at home and they will send their doctors and nurses to your house daily, that’s what we did with my brother in law, we chose to say good bye at home.
  • It’s not as if these drugs were not discussed with the patient or their families. It’s their choice and so we help try to provide their choice of “quality of life” during their end stages.
  • no one is cheerful about death. They just try to give people comfort during their stages before death. I’m sure during your end stages you would like to not feel pain. These people taking these drugs chose to. Usually, hospice care are for people that will be dying soon.

Tonie Mcfadden my mother was a Christian woman and wouldn’t have committed suicide or wanted me and my sister to kill her in the way that we did. You guys didn’t even show up when she was dying but instead told me and my sister to give my mother a concoction of morphine and Ativan every 30 minutes. We had no idea what we were really doing to her at the time. Don’t confuse your indoctrination with education.

That’s horrible! We caregivers and hospices are not all like that I promise you! I can’t believe they would be so conniving and deceitful like that! I’m sorry your friends had that happen to them and the pain it has caused you and their loved ones.

have you seen a person die of cancer? I don’t care what they give them if it brings them relief (even IF -MAYBE does help the process along by no more than a day or so). I would pray and hope my family would make the the same choice so I can make a gentler and better end (after having the experience of watching and witnessing two different kinds of deaths without hospice-with two different loved ones with cancer).

In a world full of princesses be a nurse shirt,tank top, hoodie

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