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President Trump said it’s going to get worse before it gets better. Did you hear him say that yesterday? He has access to data from many sources – his people do, anyway. It seems they filter it somewhat and Trump learns what his advisors want him to learn. Someone in the know told him it’s going to get worse before it gets better. Someone also told him he can’t win the election if he isn’t seen to take the virus seriously. How long will it take for his virus-denying supporters to come around, do you think?

  • Jeff Swain Griffith There is nothing to worry about because as soon as the election’s over with you’ll forget about it. Good thing mask work though because that means we can go and vote at the polls in we don’t have to do mail in voting like the democrats want.
  • you need to do your research! President Trump never offered Lysol and Bleach to his people, he asked a question about disinfectants! You are the one who is ABSURD! Don’t be ignorant. There has been a global travel ban since the start. July 1st, they took 14 countries off the list. The rest of the world is still under this ban. Not just the United States. As for the rest of your nonsense, not worth addressing. Grow a set, wake up or shut up. It is clear you are misinformed.
  • Alejandro Alick not crazy. Just fed up with the lies about covid. I know 4 nurses in 4 different hospitals and they agree its all bullshit. Not only are their hospitals not overwhelmed, they are laying off nurses.
Jeff Swain Griffith NO you do not understand the harm that you are bringing America by agreeing with what’s going on with the left! Working so hard to keep us all indoors makes it easier for them to commit voter fraud in November!
Joyce Halter In south Texas there are no more ICU beds so whether you live or die is determined by how sick are you.Too sick you get to go home an die,  If you’re ever feeling down about what’s going on in our country, this group is upbeat & loves life & liberty. I try to read people’s comments before I go to bed and I don’t feel so alone in this country’s current struggles. We need to give the founder, Brandon Straka, as much support as we can.
oh my gosh. Poor pathetic guy. Everydeath is a Covid death. Go to Google. Type in any three digit number you choose followed by “new cases”. Tell me what you find

I’m not black but I see you I’m not black but I hear you shirt, hoodie, tank top

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