Grinch I hate wearing this face mask


Grinch I hate wearing this face mask 0

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I tested positive today for the virus. I guess that I am going to be a number now. Please don’t let your kids go to school….protect them. I thought that I was safe and did all the things dr facui said but I still got it… He has no authority to withhold federal funs to schools and he has no authority to force schools to open, but he doesn’t mind killing off your children, teachers, parents and grandparents, especially in Blue States. wait until to get a call from the CDC like I did today. Then tell me it’s fake. I feel that I have been given a death sentence…trump by his incompetence as a leader signed my death certificate. Laugh and tell everyone it’s a hoax. i got it too but hydroxy helped me so much also my family got better from it. U should check dr david samadi on facebook he gives lots of tips. I followed him. Here in hollnd miljons of people getting better now from hydroxy. If take in beginning hydroxychoroquine is now proven that it works if take in beginning . President trump was right about this but the media attackked him brutally on it. Soo many lives could be saved. Doctors call for making this medicine available now. Share this! here in europe no one is getting tested only if u go to hospital miljons of people dont tested here in europe We want more tests but the gov does not. If they tested more there will be more more cases. But covid does not mean dead. More people recovering from covid than dying. Elderly and people with more healtisseus..but the thing is worldwide more people die everyday by hunger ..heartattacks. worldwide now.

















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