Grinch Dogs make me happy humans make my head hurt face mask


Grinch Dogs make me happy humans make my head hurt face mask3

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Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone could actually discuss these things without personally attacking each other? For instance, I answered David Smith above without calling him a name or being hateful. I just simply advised him what I knew to be true and provided the back-up. There is no reason to be hateful to anyone on here…not even the President or Biden. We are all humans. We are all trying. I haven’t said anything in malice. I just asked a question yet a few have gone for blood against other and brought a few swipes on themselves. Be nice! If you truly want change in America, it starts at home. It starts with you. You’ve got to be open minded enough to listen to all sides. My ancestors fought in the revolutionary war, civil war and WWII (Battle of the Bulge). I owe it to them to make my vote count and do my best. A lot of men and women have died for us to sit here and debate, educate each other and keep America alive (and not just in life support)! I think we can do better than name calling, stalking each other’s pages in order to find a perceived weak spot, and showing outright hate for a stranger. I agree with most of you on points you made. Thanks everyone for their comments and time. Have a blessed day and go out there and make a difference! A good type of difference…  So, the other day he said we have 150 million dead from guns, and now we have 120 million dead from Covid. That leaves about 30 million people left in America. I guess that means traffic will be lighter than usual this morning.
















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