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We were supposed to come the week of Christmas but we are cancelling because we won’t be able to experience everything we love about Disney. We were going to bring our niece and sister in law for their first trip but not now. Plus wearing masks outside.

  • I am beyond thrilled for all of this, especially the Voices of Liberty returning. I’ve always loved Epcot for the entertainment and since moving here (six yrs ago), I go over to Epcot mostly for the entertainment and have been missing so many of the talented artists, most recently the British Revolution (Scotty, Kevin, Eric and Adam knocked it out of the park closing day and all the members every day before that)
  • Personally, I think you guys are doing a great job of celebrating these holidays without a formal party. I wish I could be there to experience it in person. It may be different, but it’s still lots of fun and very festive.
  • Thats our usual time to go but next year we will make a special change and have a good time for Halloween been waiting a long time for a chance to go to Halloween time. Christmas is my favorite time of year thats when we always go. Love the lights.

I hope the absence of the dream lights is just temporary because of the current conditions and they return as bright as ever when things rebound. I’m still curious how we are supposed to enjoy the lights if the parks are closing so early! Its super hard to see holiday lights in the daytime!!!

Just went last week and it felt so awkward.. i think the longest we waited for a ride was 7 minutes. It was nice to ride everything over and over but it just wasn’t the same. I understand not having candlelight or not having the gingerbread house but why can’t we have the Christmas lights on the castle that is my favorite part of the holiday season.

I am happy there are offerings this year, but hours still need to be adjusted a bit for winter. I would go in winter if at least one park stayed open later. The parks open really early to me. 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. openings are really early. I would rather it open around lunchtime and stay open into the evenings because in the winter it would be nice to be dark enough to appreciate the lights. I am thankful you are decorating, but please stay open later those months. I’m still too scared to travel even within state, but I’ll see you next summer or late this winter if cases get better.

December Girl The fire of a lioness the heart of a hippie the mouth of a sailor poster

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