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Obama never separated families. Trump literally kidnapped kids from their parent, who they’ll never see again. Some were given to adoptions agencies with connections to DeVos. Do your research. November 2016, just days before the presidential election, Bloom suddenly announced a press conference with Jane Doe had been canceled, saying Doe had become frightened after receiving death threats. Two days later, Doe’s lead attorney, Thomas Meager, filed to dismiss the case. Jane Doe has not been heard from since.
Bloom told the publication that Howard “did tell me he thought Jane Doe lacked credibility … that wasn’t the reason she asked her other attorney to drop her case.” She added: “After we received numerous death threats and my law firm’s website and emails were hacked, she did not want to go forward because it lacked any credibility”. you are defending an evil bastard!???? Trump is the only one that has had balls enough to even talk about or donate money to trafficking. Other presidents have been the criminals hiding it. Trump 2020. Patti Cullen liar! Obama separated and caged them. Trump has had DNA testing to make sure they are the parents and not being trafficked. If they have proof the children are theirs then they stay with the parent. A huge percentage of innocent children are trafficked across that border. You are probably mad because this is all about to end. No more missing children. Anybody that has an issue with the president is an abuser.

















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