Bow Hunter Deer Camo 3D All Over Printed Hoodie


Bow Hunter Deer Camo 3D All Over Printed Hoodie

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As an Asthma sufferer, he possibly saved her life. Usually they dont allow students to keep their inhalers on their person but in the nurse’s office. He did the Right thing. Reverse his suspension, NOW! As a mother with a child with asthma this infuriates me. That poor students life was not worth more than policy! He is a hero he doesn’t deserve to be suspended. I could certainly support detention due to the situation, but not a suspension. Good for you for not waiting as everyone was told! It’s ridiculous you get punished for watching someone suffer due to the ignorance n lack of common sense of this teacher You should fight this. You definitely did the right thing! I always told my children they had my permission to disobey a teacher if a situation occurred they knew wasn’t correct or even if they felt sick and or truly could not wait to go to the restroom. They were to be polite and just tell the teacher I’m sorry but I can’t wait and leave the class room to do what needed to be done. Of course I strongly emphasized that it must be the truth and if they could wait to do so. In this situation the young man was ABSOLUTELY correct in his actions and even if this teacher wrote him up the principle should have torn it up. The teacher and everybody else who suspended this courages young man should be ashamed of themselves. Supposedly adults they were having a hard time what to do with a medical emergency!














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