Pineapple chicken hawaiian shirt


Pineapple also known as pineapple, pineapple … there are many different types. Pineapple is actually the axis of the flower and succulent bracts gathered. And the true fruit are “fragrant eyes”. In 100g of pineapple, the edible portion is 25kcal, 0.03mg carotene, 0.08mg vitamin B1, 0.02mg vitamin B2, 16mg vitamin C (parsley). The minerals are 16mg Ca, 11mg phosphorus, 0.3mg Fe, 0.07mg Cu, 0.4g protein, 0.2g lipid, 13.7g carbohydrate, 85.3g water, 0.4g fiber.
In pineapple contains enzyme bromelin or bromelain, can break down protein. Therefore, pineapple fruit is used in processing a number of dishes such as stir-fried beef, fried duck meat to help meat fast and create a unique flavor. In folk often meats chewy, old meat with pineapple or fried with meat, the meat will be soft, easy to digest.
There have been studies showing that the pineapple enzyme has the ability to cure heart disease because it can dissolve hematoma leading to heart attack. It is reported that in 140 patients with heart disease treated with this method, only 2% of people died from a heart attack compared to before not using this method, up to 20% of deaths. In books in Vietnam there are instructions for people with hypertension to eat aromatic daily to diuretic.
Drinking a cup of pineapple juice every day or eating half a ripe pineapple can replace anticoagulants (coumarin, warfarin, etc.), which often cause side effects of bleeding (so avoid using them). aromatic for people with hemorrhagic diseases).

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Pineapple chicken hawaiian shirt
Pineapple chicken hawaiian shirt