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Sometimes its hard to believe that you have to fight with fire so its better to use the living dead to search and rescue those who are kidnapped thats the best resolution. #prayforGandja. Ashim Rozario Obey the choir director face mask So called… Jane Howard. #dontbelieveArmenia. Holt James. Troy Adams. The global terrorists attacks should be eradicate completely, it’s bad for innocent people to continue being kidnapped, rape, torture and killed. Their actions are complete atrocities and diabolic.. #PrayForGanja. Foreign journalist who enters Syria without a visa. And support ISIS Al-Nusra jihadists for propaganda on the public opinion of the world against the Syrian government.. Let me tell you who these Jihadist were.. Hope justice is meted to these evil beings. https://www.facebook.com/104294674781342/posts/113353230542153/. These are the people used now against Armenians in Artsakh.. they are paid by turkey to fight for Azerbaijan #DefendArtsakh #SanctionTurkey #sanctionazerbaijan #stopterrorism #StopAliyev. ISIS were armed and funded by the UK, USA, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Obey the choir director face mask

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The National, published in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has presented new evidence about Syrian militants fighting inside Azerbaijan.. Obama was betterTrump is good and Im sure Biden will be worse than Trump let’s be careful on who to vote for…American needs leadership with stamina like President Trump,Biden is old and weak to lead America. All Isis or terrorist is born by cia a department of America, paid huge donation on them and wants to do the drama again n again when ever where ever they want unless Russia China British territory isn’t touch or their regime’s colony, religion, politi… . Armenians are using pictures taken in Syria in 2014 and falsely accusing Azerbaijan for attacking their civilians”. Please do your research before believing Armenia. You may end up supporting terrorism! Obey the choir director face mask Here is the main source of this picture: h… See More TRUD.RU Путин потребовал согласовать с Сирией авиаудары по исламским террористам

Obey the choir director face mask

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Very depressing. Why should innocents be involved in any war? Why is it so tough to understand? Guantanmo Bay is just one such example. It is as unjust and cruel as prisoners were under Daesh captivity. Guantanamo prison must also be abolished soon.. Syed Kamall, Professor of International Relations and Politics at St Mary’s University was the moderator for a Webinar on ‘The New World Order after Coronavirus – will the pandemic accelerate China’s dominance on the world stage? Watch the scary truth … . Another war created by the west and Russian to fight their proxy wars Having created a modern-day version of the assassins of old and calling them Islamic State has been a master stroke and done more to discredit Muslims and Islam than any other cov… See More. https://youtu.be/RW_rSOLFQ8Y
#PanTurkism is the New Pandemic. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3312247948870815&id=783711445057824. https://www.facebook.com/100634928486498/posts/106155091267815/. https://www.facebook.com/100000306064348/posts/3605357142817786/. https://www.facebook.com/100634928486498/posts/107172267832764/. If only America would learn. Britain wanted to sleep in the same bed also.until Trump. Being bullish got them nowhere but dead innocent pawns. Spain and France communicated and their people were released. No hate to the “terrorists”. Hearing one sid… See More

I think a lot of damage is caused by the way they’re seeing adults behave throughout this ordeal. They can’t feel very secure in their world right now.. Lockdown is more dangerous than the virus itself. In addition to that for how long we can live like that. What if there is no vaccine approved . What if another virus come up. Lockdown is not a solution . Everyone is responsible. We should be sensible… . Dasha Slepenkina. It is extremely damaging to everyones mental health and unjustified.. I’m a young person who has depression due to the pandemic. But I’m also vulnerable. But with the right help, I can get through my depression, I can’t necessarily get through having Covid, and that’s a risk I don’t want to take.. I agree the young are being sidelined, it must be very demoralising for young people to not be able to socialise, be educated effectively and face a possible future of unemployment. Young people should be given support, be made a priority, as the young… See More

Actually its harming everyone’s mental health and wellbeing more than the virus. Yes i run a dance shop and seeing the difference from thl lively confident bubbly children and teens before lockdown to the ones that returned was so shocking, no energy, No motivation, no life they spoke about the lockdown and not dancing, not seeing … . What about our elderly that have been locked up for 7 months now its effecting everyone not just the young. Amy Leigh Laverick. My mental health has suffered greatly since the wife started working at home. If negativity around this whole thing is being more talked about, then ofcourse! It’s the uncertainty that hurts the most, because one cannot even plan their Christmas, studies, work. If people were encouraging each other to use this to make the best o… See More. Absolutely,!we are sacrificing our young and their future to save a small percentage of the population. It’s a cruel reality but true .

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