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The work of dividing the traffic in the early days was very hard because many people gave “his fans” so they did not comply. But, aside from all, he continued to do this job comfortably and happily. Up to now, it has become a habit that every day, he starts his “carrying and” work at 6:30 am – 8:30 am and afternoon from 17:30 – 19:30, with a day, he had to run 5-6 times here to distribute traffic for people. “I came home more than 8 pm one day, but for me, this job was not hard but filled with joy for helping people around me. Everybody can go, no traffic congestion that we feel in the day to do everything “- Mr. Shu said.
“Because the characteristics of the inter-commune route are always congested, Mr. Luu Viet Thuc voluntarily divides the traffic flow on both sunny and rainy days to ensure the people’s transportation without any regimes. This is an exciting thing. Looking forward to more and more portraits like Mr. Thuc to expand and spread more beautiful actions for the traffic safety of the capital ”.
Senior Lieutenant Colonel Tran Quoc Toan – Thanh Tri District Traffic Police
After more than a year of volunteering, Mr. Thuc has controlled the traffic fluently and professionally. Many people kept asking him, although he could not learn, why did he control so well and correctly? He laughed and said, “When there are traffic jams, we have to divide, divide, round the road. If the road on the right is 7 cars away, the left is also 7 cars away. Before either side of the vehicle is allowed to go, must I observe if there is a problem? We have to be clever, calculate, which one goes first, which one follows, how to go right “. According to him, this job requires people to have a delicate observation, operating properly and alertly to solve the congestion quickly. But perhaps, having been a working officer in Ha Dong Transportation industry for a long time, it partly helped him understand the Traffic Law, have a standard view, to operate most accurately.

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My favorite police officer calls me mom face mask
My favorite police officer calls me mom face mask