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French militaries assaulted different nations to oust their pioneers as well. In 1795 they assaulted the Netherlands. Stadtholder William V needed to escape to England. Ik ben jeroen ik doe wat ik wil shirt The Netherlands were renamed to Batavian Republic and turned into a majority rule government. Be that as it may, the French were not content (happy) with the Dutch ruler, so in 1806 the French sovereign Napoleon made his sibling Louis Bonaparte lord of the Netherlands. Louis got famous in the Netherlands, however the ruler was again not content with him, so in 1810 the Netherlands turned into a piece of France.In 1815 Napoleon was vanquished, and the Netherlands became free once more. The leaders of European nations thought it was a smart thought to make the Netherlands more grounded, to make them ready to oppose another French attack.

Ik ben jeroen ik doe wat ik wil shirt

In this manner, Belgium and Luxembourg were added to the Netherlands. William I, the child of stadtholder William V, became lord. A few Belgians hated their Dutch ruler. In 1830 they revolted. William sent a military. He was significantly more remarkable than the Belgians yet following ten days the French sent a military to help them. In 1831 the Belgians picked their own lord and Belgium turned into an autonomous country.Some individuals again thought the Dutch ruler had an excessive amount of intensity. They needed to give him less force and decision in favor of the administration themselves. In 1848 there were brutal rebellions against the lords of numerous European nations.

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