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However, none of the information you submit is confidential once Edubirdie receives it. I found that other customers can not only see the orders I make but can also know my university. This is a breach of the confidentiality, privacy and respect you as a customer entrust to the company. If other customers can see your interactions, even your university will eventually come across them. That is not what we pay so dearly for. These guys claim to be researchers; they should research on what “confidentiality guarantee” means before they list it as one of the benefits of working with them. Rick and Morty coronavirus painting It seems like the only guaranteed thing is a penalty from your university. Further, with such careless handling of personal details, your debit/credit card will very soon find its way to online payment fraudsters. The working system at Edubirdie cannot support any discount because prices are determined basing on the writers who bid on your orders. Once you give details of your paper, they make bids, and you get to select your writer.

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Rick and Morty coronavirus painting shirt

Rick and Morty coronavirus painting shirt

On its own, this system rubbishes the free order falsehood in all senses. Then, how do you even expect a discount from them? You get to pay every single coin quoted by the bidder you select. Further, you are not protected because the user end of the website does not have a price list or price calculator like others I know of. I know about discounts after dealing with several other online essay writing companies. It is only edubirdie.com that I found has neither a discount nor promotion code for new customers. Rick and Morty coronavirus painting This website is not for potential customers looking for deals on their essays because it does not have such deals. There is absolutely no incentive for you to make a purchase decision here and not look elsewhere. Let us not pretend; discounts make students’ live tick. Why would I want to spend a fortune on one company yet I could save several dollars on the one right next door? I went through the entire edubirdie.com website searching for the term “bonus.” It does not exist. No promotion, no discount, no bonus; you just pay for anything and everything you need from this website.

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This is not to mention the almost uniform prices for any kind of work you ask for. The best Edubirdie offers you as a customer in terms of reduced prices, and in a way bonus, is by allowing you to pick from among the writers who place bids for your offer. Rick and Morty coronavirus painting Somehow, this makes you feel like you are at a public auction and not an academic website. Before you decide to choose the lowest bidder, please remember that you are choosing the cheapest, and probably the worst, option for your grades. True, most of the bids will be too high for your budget as a student, but that is not the major concern at Edubirdie, they simply need to make their money. A professional writing company should have a loyalty program in place. Now that I have done my own review let me ask a question: what would you feel about a company that does not care about building loyalty among its customers?

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