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This is because he immediately became unavailable on the edubirdie.com website the moment he allocated himself to me. I next heard from him exactly 23 minutes to my deadline! Edubirdie.com are only advertising experts who mention the whole range from the most irrelevant to most relevant topics just to appear as an all-rounded company.  The website claims the company has platinum, premium, and standard writers, with an option of negotiating for a Ph.D. writer. This is pure falsehood because even the first writer I was assigned to could not match my level of written English when we chatted. Mouse ears and Golden kind of girl A writer who genuinely has such a level of education would not jeopardize his reputation, let alone that of the company, on the quality of papers I have seen from this company. Although I once managed to get through to a writer who claimed to be a Ph.D. holder, this option did not give me the opportunity to stay in constant touch with him. 

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Mouse ears and Golden kind of girl shirt

Mouse ears and Golden kind of girl shirt

he reality is that they are not knowledgeable in any of the fields they mention. While they claim to be in existence to make your school life bearable, they excel at exactly the opposite. Their flashy and deceitful marketing earns them plenty of orders, but they redistribute papers they had written and sold earlier or openly plagiarize your orders to beat deadlines. Mouse ears and Golden kind of girl Beating deadlines is one thing, and beating such deadlines with acceptable work is another thing. Neither the writers nor editorial teams at Edubirdie seem to have the slightest idea of this. It is very easy even for students struggling to be on schedule and score the required grades to realize that either the writers do not have the time and commitment to producing original papers or simply lack the needed skills. Still, on deadlines, the company uses punctuality as one of its strongest points. On the one hand, this may be true technically. On the other hand, it really gets down to desperate attempts by the customer to ask for the paper with less than an hour left to deadline. That is not why I paid edubirdie.com $32 to complete a two-page essay with a whole 10-day period.

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Submitting my papers on time is one of those situations where “almost does not count.” Every student needs to go through their work before handing them to the instructors to be familiar with the content. Can you imagine the shock when your instructor summons you to go through your paper with them when he discovers that you are also learning the content for the very first time right there with him? That is precisely what the company put me through. An essay writing company worth its claim should offer students better support than they get from their instructors and faculty members. Mouse ears and Golden kind of girl The writers at Edubirdie are part of the problem. I must admit that I sought the services of an online company because my instructors and faculty were not exactly approachable. With the number of students that they had to attend and the projects to supervise, these staff members did not give me the kind of attention I needed in school, and I could not blame them for that.

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