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Thank you Vanity Fair for placing Breonna on the cover. I live here in Louisville, KY. We were hoping with all of our hearts that the new KY St. Attorney Gen. Cameron would move on the investigation as the city/family/ so many waiting. And now another police shooting – in Wisc. Police from top to bottom has to be re-trained no matter how long they have been on the job. This is the 21st century / You just do not do this with children in the car. Washington For Trump Flag. And we can no longer ask the Black Community to just suck it up. There will not be peace in Louisville KY until there is justice for Breonna Taylor. What if she was my daughter? What if she was my sister? What if she was my niece? Her life mattered to me. A useless tragedy…I have never been able to wrap my head around what happened… may God bless this family with justice for Breonna…may he bless those who are suffering from the loss of this beautiful young lady with peace and comfort

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