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Any chance Tattle Tales of Tangueray is going to be in this edition?? I am LOVING Stephanie’s story and would love to have it in print to share with others. I have already pre ordered the book. I have two of your other books and I love them. Your insight into peoples lives is amazing. Can’t wait to get this one.. I’m so excited to finally be able to share these stories with my 83 year old father!. Hi Brandon. What are the chances that the book will be translated into other languages? I believe it would be a great christmas gift but not everyone around me is fluent in English.. In England ordered from Waterstones. So heartwarming as always. The best book for the coffee table to show off to everybody who comes into my house . So my girlfriend told me about this page this morning, about 30 minutes ago. To be honest I don’t read books very much. The story she told inspired me enough to see what else was written. Long story short I preordered the book and can’t wait for it to … Tattoo pain chart poster

Tattoo pain chart poster

Tattoo pain chart poster 3

Humans of New York. Mine arrived today when I was on a conference call. I had to excuse myself because the dogs were going crazy. When I got back to the call, I told them my Humans of New York book arrived. We spent the next 10 minutes on Stephanie’s story. Thank YOU for … . Kelly Niederwerder when you turn the last page,please remember a brother here who is not able to afford a copy now and ship your read copy to me in Africa. I got mine. Cant wait to read it to my 4 year old. I really want him to see the world and how different people and their lives are yet how similar is the humankind. Thank you Brandon. You are truly one of a kind. Blessings . Anusha Pudota my kids love the books too. It’s gorgeous and I sat in the car reading it – can’t wait to continue (inside and comfortable lol) – Thank you, Brandon, for all the tremendous stories Tattoo pain chart poster

Tattoo pain chart poster

Tattoo pain chart poster 2

Brandon – I have been following for years now & received my book today. It is truly beautiful & one of a kind. I anxiously waited for it to be delivered & of course had to dive right in!! Thank you for sharing your journey & countless other’s stories a… . Humans of New York. I didnt expect to get mines today but was pleasantly surprised. I can’t wait to dive in. I support what you do wholeheartedly! Thank you for giving a voice to people who otherwise might never have that opportunity.. Though very far away from New York, I’m eagerly anticipating my copy to arrive before my birthday. Thank you Brandon for opening up New York and the rest of the world to the rest of us who’ve never been. This is my favorite page on Facebook. Keep the s… See More. Maggie Robinson
Union Square B&N is one of my favorite stores. I’ve been to many author events there and just love the space on its own.

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Mine came today! This book and these Humans make me feel connected to the whole world. Thank you Brandon, truly excited to read through all these wonderful pages. . Huge Congratulations!! . Miriam G Willard McKenney. Gail Coleman. Humans of New York. Thank you, Lesley! Thank you Brandon, for recognizing every “little thing” that actually matters in life. All of us are oh, so grateful . Veronica Honer. So bummed that UPS didnt leave it at my door today I’m a night shift crisis worker and was sleeping. Didn’t expect it to be signature required . Fiona Kukunda. Got mine today, and two stories have already brought tears to my eyes. Plenty of laughter and poignancy for our hurting world. #goodmedicine. Beautiful..these stories have uplifted my faith in humanity. at a time when there is so much bad energy in the world..nothing is more comforting than the acceptance here and that we all matter. Been hooked the entire time. sending you all much love fro…

Humans of New York. UPS WAITED UNTIL I WENT TO THE RESTROOM, JUMPED OUT THE BUSHES AND STUCK THEIR SORRY WE MISSED YOU” STICKER ON MY DOOR . Ellen Price. Always loved your site and books have purchased many for gifts and will continue to do so thank you for sharing all of our stories. Will Paul. Humans of New York. Kristina Luera. I got my copies today and I am feeling so grateful reading this. It’s been a tough year for everyone and with this pandemic and the feeling of isolation this is perfect timing. Reading these stories is so therapeutic. Makes you feel more connected with… . My best friend surprised me with a copy in the mail today and I’ve been crying happy tears all day. I love this collection of people, stories, dreams— feeling better about the world today than yesterday. . Emily Mer Yes, these stories really connect us all. Feeling the same over here – greetings from Germany to you!

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