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I do not know how come Trump and Melania were tested. We would have had less cases if they had not been tested.. I dont believe him or the WH. This might be a trick. We want proof from medical reports.. Snl is back on Saturday. The writers must be losing their minds!. No more debates!! Brilliant move donald, and his followers will believe it because donald never lies right???. that’s strange before a debate. Oh well Quilting it’s the art of stitching poster stand by and stand up. . This is his “October surprise” SURPRISEI got Covid and it was no big deal, I just took my fast tracked vaccine and I’m all better. This is to garner sympathy and to gain back support from his base. I’m not buying anything this snake oil salesman is … . Didn’t he say that if there weren’t tests, there wouldn’t be any cases? . He is lying, he wants to drive something evil out of it.

Quilting it’s the art of stitching poster

if all those in the trumps immediate circle become positive with covid-19, then, they’ve got themselves to blame. karma! the west wing may have to grind to a halt.. If he was such a great leader, better than anyone else who has ever done it, shouldn’t he already be briefed about what to expect next? Or have we forgotten that he is already well informed as exposed by the Bob Woodward tapes. Let me help you CNN, so… . Hmm why am I so skeptical? It’s not like he lies . I’ll believe it when I see the test results. The man is never this honest. He’s looking for sympathy votes and or getting out of future debates!. IT IS WHAT IT IS!!! I am sure that chloroquine will make him feel INSTANTLY better!!!! I am sure that’s what he wants now!!!!. But if he didn’t get tested, he wouldn’t have it, right? Quilting it’s the art of stitching poster

Quilting it’s the art of stitching poster

Quilting it's the art of stitching poster 2

I don’t believe it’s true. I don’t put anything past this administration. This is a ploy to miss the next debate, say that Covid isn’t “that serious”, and garner up sympathy to win the election.. Thank you to everyone covering this tonight. We appreciate all of the CNN commentators sharing the story, being so professional and not screaming “this is why we wear a mask” even though if you feel anything like our family does that’s all we want to … . It affects virtually nobody.’
-Trump a week and a half ago.. He might faking it just to go not go to the debate, I don’t believe him, he is probably trying to postpone the election, he is a liar, just can’t believe him.. Food for thought what if Trump really doesn’t have Covid-19??. He already has all his base voters. He playing for the sympathy vote. I bet he comes out good to go in two weeks and says it’s not a big deal.

Quilting it's the art of stitching poster 1

Well it just proves that hydroxychloroquine is not the wonder drug he said it was. Reading the comments and it’s easy to see what’s wrong with our country. If someone said something half as bad as these comments to anyone other than him they would be condemned and racist. But it ok on here I guess. Try and be a decent person people. I feel sorry for his wife. Imagine being in isolation with this monster ?. Cmon do you seriously think he got the virus? After that shitshow?? Two weeks and he’ll lie again saying he recovered, it was nothing”.. Skeptical it’s true. I hate to say it, but he just lies too much for me to believe anything he says.. I been exposed by trump. Ive been diagnosed with ptsd from all the chaos and lies he spues and also have sleep apnea because i still can’t believe a person like this could of ever been elected into office of potus
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I think it high time to inject him with disinfectant to flush out the virus from his body. Or just give him hydroxychloroquine.. I bet they don’t. What if he uses that excuse to resign because he’s too embarrassed to losethink about what a loser . Its probably just a big hoax so he can show America covid isn’t a real threat when he carries on working and then miraculously recovers unscathed.. HOAX!!! It’s a LIE . To all the people who think Trump did this to not debate is crazy … I’m a trump supporter. Even if he lost the debate do you think he is arrogant enough to convince himself he lost … come on guys he either is a narcissist or not. Oh darn… Guess he won’t make the next debate. How convenient for him… At 74, he should be fine, only weak old folks die from it, he’s the pillar of health. Besides, it’s just a big hoax anyway.

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