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I love it that Ta-Nehisi Coates edited the issue too! I look forward to reading it. But what is wrong with the police firing guns into people, more often into black people, but it seems insane! We have been protesting police brutality for decades. Mississippi For Trump Flag. Prosecute her shooters! Change the standard from qualified immunity to no immunity and retrain police. Yes thanks for the post. But until these murdering cops and the ones supporting them are fired and dealt justice this will not end. And people of color are losing loved ones and patience. This should not be happening to anyone but Amerikkka will never change. Thank you so much former first lady you ate amazing woman thank you for all the good you do I wish you could be my president but we know that’s not going to happen not my lifetime but I’m happy to know you got the people’s back even if they don’t have yours I love watching you do your speeches thank you first lady you and Michelle mean alot to me enjoy your day.

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