Lion to my son my little boy yesterday blanket


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Youre a good man Chasten. Happy that you are in my diocese.. Yes, I will be voting.. I’m so angry. And I’m sorry Chasten Buttigieg that you and Pete (and everyone else!) have to deal with this. It is so infuriating. . Will not let that happen. Dropped off my ballot at the Courthouse today. Stood there until they stamped it.. So disgusted. I do not understand people’s need to hate. I am voting, come he’ll or high water.. Enjoyed listening to you today with Camp Rehoboth. I’m ready to get comfortable being uncomfortable!. I WILL NOT STAND BY WHILE THEY ATTEMPT TO TAKE MY MARRIAGE, YOUR MARRIAGE, OR ANYONE ELSES MARRIAGE AWAY.. We must destroy the Republican party in November.. Not overturning my marriage. It’s perfectly legal. Don’t let them scare us.. Voting . Shouldn’t we be calling it “marriage equality” and not “gat marriage” ?. A storm is coming. No question. I am so glad to have you and your husband on the front lines. Keep up the great work. Lion to my son my little boy yesterday blanket

Lion to my son my little boy yesterday blanket

Lion to my son my little boy yesterday blanket 4

Vote blue. It’s scary.. I did. Maybe Im being naive, but I don’t think it’s a priority for a conservative court to overturn gay marriage. Besides, your husband was Barrett’s mayor for eight years? Didn’t she at least respect him? Plus, Donald is cool with gay marriage, the last tim… . It’s not going to happen.. Disgusting! November 3 cannot come soon enough!. i got your back Chasten and Pete i have always voted Blue. Talk about struggling to look relevant, those two old farts with fake marriages will not be the media stars they hope to be.. Definitely voting!. undefined. They have no right. vote biden. Kim Davis would not be found in a room with Clarence Thomas lol. The religious liberties are not infringed upon in any way. Nobody is forcing Kim Davis to commit homosexual acts. The idea that society will only recognize unions sanctioned by the church is the real problem. Get the religious” interpretation of ma… See More Lion to my son my little boy yesterday blanket

Lion to my son my little boy yesterday blanket

Lion to my son my little boy yesterday blanket 3

I have friends who say they like him because he runs the country like a business. Do I have to remind those people that 6 of his businesses filed for bankruptcy so he could stiff his subcontractors. And, he has been stiffing the US government, to whit, the people who say he runs the country like a business.;.. Ahem. DOES THIS NOT BOTHER YOU????? Is your precious machine gun more important than this?. Hopefully this will convince some undecideds. His followers wont believe it.. Trump’s response in court You’ll have to talk with my tax attorneys “.. Mr Chasten Buttigieg. You nailed it. Thank you.. Is anyone really surprised? The nightmare continues.. They think he’s cool for beating the system.. And during the debate his supporters won’t care his knowledge or plans. They will only care about how quippy he is.. The Fraud in Chief!!!
Take this con man out behind the woodshed.

Lion to my son my little boy yesterday blanket 2

No surprise!
Hope there is continually daily sharing truth by brave whistleblowers and reporters!. Vote people. Biden will select a smart cabinet andPeter Buttigieg will be in a leadership role. His supporters are chumps and don’t care.. Thinks? Or knows? His singular talent is in knowing everyone elses limits. What a shame he only uses it to improve his own circumstances. Imagine what that kind of manipulation and brinksmanship could do in the service of others.. Trump is the Best President we’ve have had so far.. We have all paid more taxes than this pathetic, desperate, failed businessman”. A shyster and a fraud.. We knew what it would show.. [nodding] Yep. I am so angry right now. Chris Wallace, you have a new topic for Tuesday night!. Hey, I voted for Pete . He is an embarrassment. I paid more in taxes than this grifter in 2016/2017
. What’s wrong with this picture?

I’m in Melbourne Australia, is there a way I can order a signed copy ? . Chasten I just looked and it’s only USA and Canada when I try to order online . Great mask! . Thats a 7 hour drive from Indy. . Chasten Buttigieg but if we met in South Bend, we could sing Celine Dion songs together as in days of old! (Did you and Pete(r) see her Courage tour, or were you too busy trying to capture the nomination?).. Can I stop by when I’m by your house & have you sign it? Haha. Just joking. Would never. This book has left endless opportunities for a sequel! Perhaps a post-White-House-memoir by Chasten: “TOLD you! —A First Gentleman’s Odyssey” . Bob Ross mask!!! Dude, I just got a Bob Ross action figure today, that guy is amazing. Got the audio book, look forward to listening . Wait! You’re here?!?

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