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From a Canadian-American, I love how my home country supports us against this tyrant. We must have change and Joe is such a good, kind man. Perhaps he is just what we need to heal our many wounds and win back our friends. Otherwise, I shall return to my home country – 4 more years of this will be catastrophic. Biden is the criminal to aim for. Who has the most felonies. Hillary has hundreds. Both Hillary and Biden belong in Leavenworth. Thank you Hilary. Akatsuki naruto filter face mask. The night I went to sleep and you were winning. The next morning I woke up and of course you know this story. I was sick to my stomach. We just can’t endure another four years of trump. I pray every day that Joe can do this. Made me dream again with the USA I love. The country that respects human rights and helps other countries do the same. Felt reassured that normal people can feel empathy and be kind and be President at the same time. I will vote without doubt that he is the very best for us at this historic time. And Kamala is the best choice.

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