A big piece of my heart lives in germany mug


You music change my life, I love all your songs and I want listen Rain on me.. When the raindrops fell down from the sky, the day you left me, an angel cried, oh she cried, and angel cried, she cried.. Sorry I’m busy on that day The 1975 album comes out then too . Congrats stuck with u is set to be #1 then when Rain On Me hits the chart it will be #1 aswell. This is everything I have ever wanted from the pair of you, a massive summer tune, from my two favourite women in music!! . Just getting ready to listen pure art which will blow away my mind.. Im already looking forward to the song. I hope this ones a dance floor killer. 2 solid vocals 1 beat Katé Arias. Yaaaasss Ari! Give us the vocals! . Let get this single to debut at #1!!!! A big piece of my heart lives in germany mug

A big piece of my heart lives in germany mug

A big piece of my heart lives in germany mug- pic 1

I cant wait to listen to your new song with Lady Gaga! A big piece of my heart lives in germany mug You are such an awesome singer and you are so beautiful! . Gonna be a great late birthday present when this song comes out, I can’t wait . With each song you put out you make me feel better, your music is the best, I love you.. I love you. My name is Gabriella.I am from Moldova!!!. Today’s my birthday and this was an awesome song to listen to . But Stuck with u was better. And Rain on me how? I dont know. But still waiting and trusting. It will be best like Stuck with U. And hope will be one of Hit. Erjona Gashi. ariana, i am so proud of you. y are so strong and such an inspiration to me and many more people. i can’t wait to hear this song & we are so proud of you!!!!

Do you love it? A big piece of my heart lives in germany mug. Buy it today before lose it forever.

LADY GAGA MY QUEEN OF POP . Ariana Grande always be my favorite singer always and forever I love her music. I wish I met her. cant wait to listen to your new song with Lady Gaga! . Mother Monster . I love you! And the new song!. Can’t wait ! Music Goddesses are coming back . FINALLY!!! A BIG MASTERPIECE IS COMING . Aaron Castorena
The collaboration of the year! . lady gaga feat. The Queen of Pop. The queen and princess of pop. Can’t wait
gal u are the truth . With the Queen Lady GaGa. We r soo excited.aaaaaaaaa
Play GIF. This will be such an amazing colab . FREAKING SO EXCITED!! FIRST IT WAS JB AND ARI… NOW ITS LADY FREAKING GAGA AND ARI . 2 amazing talents!!. two very beautiful and talented world-class artists.. Somebody know if this song are cooming with video?. GAGA & ARIANA. Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Blackpink and Elton John perfect list of legends I say

This is great. I’d love to have an a cappella version of the song after this!. would have love to listen to your songs but I dont have money to buy card to update my phone. Seeing this and hearing the passion in your voice makes me love you even more than before. The more I learn about you Ari the more I love you girl. I’m available to be your background singer. I’m 58 but I love you!. Truly an exceptional song,it touched my heart I even listen to it multiple times a day. Definitely enjoyed this Ariana! The behind the scenes type of thing” is really interesting to me and I knew you could nerd out on this stuff! Freaking talented! . These types of videos are always interesting.. Thanks for sharing. I found it to be interesting and I was even surprised and delighted to see that you are actually doing some sound editing for your own music vs leaving it to someone else. Love you and your music!

That is so cool I love seeing things like this. I’m a person who loves singing and who also loves music and one day I would love to make music.
Love you so much Ariana . Thank you for sharing this Ariana. I’m an aspiring musician myself so seeing this type of video was so cool to see from my favorite artist. Love you so much . I love this, I have a pathetic lil home studio and I don’t have a good music software but I’ve been doing some of this myself recently so it’s inspiring to see this. How cool that you shared! Im comping vocals myself right now too so I find it very interesting. Apart from the lead I wonder how many doubles and harmonies you typically end up with in the end.. The vocals are absolutely amazing! Big studio or even at home, talent surpasses any type of environment!! Never stop being who you are Ariana!! I love

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