Welcome to my woman cave also know as the sewing room poster

Welcome to my woman cave also know as the sewing room poster

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seem to be at the so-referred to as Equality Act. It is no such issue. They do a real decent job of spinning the fact and the usage of language that makes it sound awesome. The invoice will drive churches and Christian colleges to teach issues which are totally in opposition t their beliefs. Teach it or shut the doorways. The invoice allows for no non secular exemption.

it will also damage women’s activities. If your daughter desires to earn an athletic scholarship, too dangerous. Transgender adult males will out-function her. The equality act gives them rights over organic women. Women fought like tigers for hundreds of years to earn their region in the sun, supported —at the least in phrases — by the Left. Now with the stroke of a pen the Left will get rid of all of that in one fell swoop.

where are the feminists? The place is Jane Fonda, Gloria Steinem, on and on? I hear best crickets from them. Is Nancy Pelosi so terrifying that even they won’t argue with her? I’d now not be stunned. She scares me a bit.

I’m enjoying the CPAC this yr, exceptionally because it looks like the general age is nearer 30 than 60. To see so many young conservatives is heartening at a level i will be able to’t describe. The new Congressman from North Carolina, Madison Cawthorn , is very neatly-spoken and has most likely spent lots of time when you consider that the future and his place. I think 25 is what I heard his age to be. Ten years to the White house?

I completely have in mind a difference of opinion and consider it’s absolutely imperative for first rate government. I don’t have in mind destroying this nation. I do not take note working toward a socialist/communist equipment when the Constitutional Republic free commercial enterprise system has been so successful.

I’ve heard all the speeches about how it’s most effective first rate for the few at the accurate. Some of the problems with this is that the gang on the correct continues getting greater. Naturally indicating that in case you desire you still can get to the accurate. It is correct that some had been averted from mountaineering to the appropriate due above all to lack of first rate education. This is fully because of Democrat policies and their help of the teachers union on the fee of the scholar. That, and LBJ’s brilliant Society classes.

Or buy here : Welcome to my woman cave also know as the sewing room poster


The reports of people that have risen above abject poverty inspite of every little thing to obtain wonderful success abound in america but are infrequent in other international locations. Couple that with a century of heritage about communism and socialism and its horrible effects on society and people and the query gets much more crucial.

5 years in the past the number of conservative voices have been growing, but we had no definite direction and no leader. Now we do and it looks that more and more american citizens are agreeing.

Mr. Biden, you’re a disaster and getting worse and even your own celebration are aware of it and admit it. Thanks and God support us. It’s time to face enterprise and preserve what we’ve always claimed to believe in, since it is smartly and really in danger.




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