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Eucalyptus Honey

Originated from the plants of eucalyptus trees, the honey has a robust aftertaste of menthol. It’s made without the use of preservatives and artificial shades and has a shelf lifetime of 540 days. Continually known for its products in Australia, beneath The Mango Tree together with different Indian businesses, supply this honey from beekeepers from plantations in Punjab and Himachal Pradesh and their neighbouring areas. Eucalyptus is also suggested throughout a cold or a headache for its medicinal traits.

Lychee Honey

Processed as a white to a light-weight-amber honey, lychee honey has a pleasing aroma, a scrumptious flavour and makes for a superb accompaniment with a bowl of breakfast cereal, toast, and even green tea. One native company that sells this variant of uncooked honey in the country is Nature Hug. It sources the product from beekeepers working in the lychee farms of Uttarakhand. Building immunity, wound healing, and aiding bone health are just a few of the benefits of ingesting this in the neighborhood produced honey.

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Sunflower Honey

Sunflowers are trusted for producing the most excellent cooking oil and their seeds are crammed with fitness merits. Their honey, too, has anti-bacterial houses and is preferred for its power-boosting characteristic. It isn’t any wonder why the honey made from the usage of the nectar of sunflowers is cherished in international locations like France and Spain. Producing the equal scrumptious taste and love for sunflower honey in India is The Honey store, which harvests this honey from sunflower fields in Maharashtra.

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Rapeseed or mustard honey is churned out by way of bees from rapeseed plants that supply it the buttery-yellow coloration that it enjoys. Slightly peppery in flavor, the honey is regarded for its much less acidic nature and works as an ideal treatment for indigestion. In India, the nature’s method has been producing raw mustard honey from a lot of rural areas and harvesting it without cooking or pasteurising it.

Jamun HoneyOften improper for Jamun-flavoured honey, this raw honey present in northern India is produced by Apis dorsata honey bees from the plant life of the jamun tree, all through the months of may additionally and June. The honey includes 70% jamun nectar and pollen and is sourced through local manufacturers comparable to Ghats Honey and the Bharat Honey neighborhood. One spoon of raw honey a day will be sure you improved sleep, and healthier skin.




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