Baking Because Murder Is Wrong Poster

Baking Because Murder Is Wrong Poster

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Gannon together with his mom, Landen (left), and younger sister (appropriate) [Landen Hiott/Facebook]facts from internal Gannon’s bedroom includes blood spatter on the partitions, blood that soaked in the course of the carpet, 50 droplets of blood on the wall, blood on wall sockets, and blood on the boy’s mattress.

“according to the orientation of Gannon’s mattress, the monstrous majority of the blood could be in response to the position of his head and torso,” the affidavit read.

A shop receipt bought with the aid of investigators showed a purchase for baking soda, a carpet cleaner, and trash bags on January 27, after 6 p.M. Investigators bought Stauch’s telephone and in response to text messages, she urged her 17-yr-ancient daughter to purchase the objects for her.

Prosecutors allege that Stauch used the bought gadgets to clean up the crime scene. Investigators said the 17-12 months-historic was doubtless now not current when Gannon become killed.

Stauch pointed out that she keeps her innocence and alleged that Al Stauch “should be in jail for manslaughter.”

Baking Because Murder Is Wrong Poster

during a jailhouse interview with CrimeOnline in September 2020, Letecia Stauch explained that Al Stauch allegedly owed a person named “Edgar” cash, and Gannon disappeared after the cash turned into under no circumstances paid. She claimed she knew about Edgar but on the time, went together with her husband as a result of he claimed he would “pull some strings” to help her out.

“the place they [the police] messed up is [January] 27. He [Gannon] become on a train. You see what I’m saying? I’m pondering that that’s their element, but, however’s no longer as a result of they came to my condominium with hours of physique cam. There changed into nothing. Like, you check my vehicle on the body cams, you take everything. You [law enforcement] just don’t adore it. There turned into no means, you comprehend what I imply?

“Their timeframe, it changed into all incorrect because they couldn’t determine it out. Where was he [Gannon]? He actually became long past. He changed into with Edgar.”

“He [Al Stauch] should still be here for manslaughter because it changed into on January twenty eighth. That’s why the police didn’t have the rest…Albert got here in on the twenty eighth from the airport and became like in a moment of rage. I imply, I can be on the low end and i could say, you recognize, he may still be here for homicide, however I’m not, I’m saying that it’s going to be, I wager manslaughter stands out as the appropriate factor.”





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