What Is Your Local Physical Address Shirt, hoodie

What Is Your Local Physical Address Shirt, hoodie

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What Is Your Local Physical Address Shirt, hoodie

Shock waves and resistance begins to transfer thru the main structures of the fuselage backwards sixty some feet toward the engines and wings. And back toward the entire fuselage.

The forward momentum of the two engines attached to the wings, begins to put stress on the areas where the engines are attached to the wings, and where the wings are attached to the fuselage.

This pressure increases as the thrust of the engines presses forward and the stress and resistance presses backward along the 60 feet of the fuselage towards the engines and wings.

Why would or would not the wings or engines sheer off and travel toward the building?

The engines are probably the toughest and most difficult to destroy. They are composed of the most advanced metals, and often are the parts that are visible even when the rest of an aircraft has been destroyed in many aviation disaster scenes.

They would seem to be the most likely to penetrate the building, but there is only one hole in the building, not three, in the early photos. It would seem that each one of the engines could make a large hole in most buildings, and even at the pentagon, large indentations.

Have you done any calculations on the angular momentum that would be extant with two 40,000 lb advanced metal devices propelled by incredible thrust, and what that momentum and thrust would do when the wings suddenly stop forward movement?

It is hardly likely that they would go backwards and get in line to go thru a 16′ hole along with the remainder of the fuselage …

COMMENT #254 [Permalink]… Texaslady said on 5/17/2006 @ 7:46 am PT…

Thank you to all of you for great information and leads to sites to more information.

What made me start to think about 9/11 being an inside job was the phone call from a son to his mom from a plane supposedly flying above 35,000 feet.


What Is Your Local Physical Address Shirt, hoodie
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